Improving Searchability with Job Title Analysis and Multiplexing

Posted: 22 February 2020

Author: Will Capper

We analysed millions of jobs to find out how well the job titles match up with what people are actually searching to find that particular job.

The results were surprising. Over 40% of jobs scored poorly with the job title reducing the visibility and performance of the post.

Common problems include company specific titles (head of happiness), emojis (🥳💯💪), ATS Id Numbers (Job Ref: 21836), Acronyms (RN / MD / HOD), spelling mistakes and info that should just be in the job description (salary, working hours, signing bonus etc).

From today DirectlyApply detects, solves and enhances these issues automatically.

Where multiple good job titles match a job, we publish multiple versions of the job and when running a campaign via our programmatic exchange we bid each variable title differently depending on performance.

We already have insanely high conversion rates, and we hope added features like this improve application volume and quality for employers while making job search better for millions of job seekers.

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