Just started a new job and want to quit

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I’m just looking for some advice, I’m on the second day of the new job and I honestly just do not like it at all, and I’ve already broke down crying in the bathroom.. idk what to do. I’m just unhappy and I’m kinda mad at myself for quitting my previous job for this one, as compared to this I liked my previous one more. Edit: i just want to edit it say a few things because I received a lot of the same questions. My other job wasn’t ‘bad’, i actually liked what i was doing, the problem was the low pay, crappy hours and the fact that i had tried to work up to a higher level but was always shot down, so basically it was a dead end job. I had been applying for over half a year in hopes to find something better, and finally got this job offer and was excited. Its higher pay, better hours and in a career field that is related to my degree. I’m now thinking the problem I’m having is that I’m just overwhelmed, especially since on paper its a great opportunity, but after my 2nd day I have been overloaded with bad vibes. For example, while training with various people, they all made a comment of “oh I’m glad that they hired you to have you do this because this stresses me out and I hate it, oh but don’t worry you’ll do fine” , which isn’t something i would like to hear.. and it’s also very unorganized. From what i can tell already, different departments refuse to help each other out. Also some of the tasks I’m asked to do are out of my knowledge, using programs I haven’t used before ect. And its hard for me to speak up and ask questions or to repeat instructions because I’m chronically introverted lol, which i know i need to work on. But from all your comments, I’m going to stick it out longer and see if I can adjust. Thanks for all the replies


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  • kissingonconey

    Can you explicate what about the new job you don't like it? Sometimes that helps, since you can figure out if it's something that might change with adjustment/conversation or something fundamental about the job that just doesn't work.

    19 days ago200

  • trollingmotors

    Relatable. Never give up. Better companies out there hopefully.

    19 days ago50

  • ek298

    Quit plenty of jobs on the first day. Even more first week. Do whats best for you.

    19 days ago20

  • Zealousideal-Cow6626

    Hey, I quit a job after 3 weeks. I loved the job even I was there so short. It was such a better working environment than I previously had before that job. I quit because I was depressed. I told my boss, he wasn’t happy, tried everything to keep me, negotiated, willing to be flexible, but I still said no. If you’re not happy, focus on yourself.

    19 days ago121

    • helpmeplzzz47

      Going through this right now. Quit my new job after working for a month, even though they offered accommodations. It’s hard to do work because of my mental health.

      19 days ago12

  • Kickboy21

    Are you me? I was at my new job for 2 weeks and i submitted my resignation lol i regretted leaving my previous job so bad because i loved it other than some stuff. Im interviewing places now though. I knew i would hate the job on my day 2. I never told companies im interviewing for about my job that i left after two weeks

    19 days ago30

  • zirklutes

    Hey, why, what is wromg with the position? Usually first days ARE always quite weird and difficult. We feel very vulnerable and insecure on these first days and if we don't get the expected attention and care we feel let down. I actually worked only in one company where it was handled properly. In all other places it was well difficult. Even in my current work in which I am second week in until today I felt it was sh*t. But I got through it and I feel it went way better today. Just don't give up so quickly. :) Give this new place a chance.

    19 days ago60

  • Ghost_of_P34

    More than once in my life I've kept looking for a new job even after landing and starting a new job. If you can't finagle your way back to your old job, assuming you'd want to, then just start looking. Leave your new job that you hate off your resume for 2 months. Then you'll have to add it and be prepared to answer why you are leaving so soon.

    19 days ago20

  • swampler22

    Walk into your bosses office and say this job isn't working out for me. Say thank you for the opportunity. Walk out and leave. Be cordial. If the boss gets even remotely unprofessional about it, remain silent and just leave. Also don't feel bad. A lot of people realize the grass isn't always greener on the other side when they leave an old job for a new one. You'll find something better.

    19 days ago180

  • richpau76

    Say nothing, don't even acknowledge you ever had this job

    19 days ago620

  • Half_Alive-6

    Sometimes you just need an adjustment period of a few weeks (do you have depression?), but if you think you will never like it, then yes quit.

    19 days ago471

    • Standard_Hamster_182

      Yeah maybe I’m just over reacting and should give it some time before i decide anything

      19 days ago47

  • Jazzlike-Actuary382

    You can always go back to your old job if you left on good terms. It's uncomfortable but I've seen it happen at my job after someone left for 6 months and came back (with a promotion actually) and my dad also went back to his old employer. You can also just keep looking for a better job and omit this one from your resume. What you say when you quit won't have any bearing on your future career. It will be a reflection of your character but it's up to you if you want to be someone that just ghosts your old employer or tells them honestly why you're leaving.

    19 days ago30

  • RewardDesperate

    Quit! It’s happened to me and I decided to quit at my 3 day.

    19 days ago30

  • richpau76


    19 days ago91

    • Standard_Hamster_182

      How? I feel so uncomfortable quitting so soon. What would I say?

      19 days ago9

  • Select-Radish9245

    Can I ask why you left your previous job?

    19 days ago10

  • LeaveForNoRaisin

    What are your specific reasons for not liking it? I ask not to be dismissive, but because I'm in the exact same position of being 3 days in and thinking I'm going to hate this job, but really it's because I was incredibly burnt out by the last one and went right into this new one with no break. Can you make it to thanksgiving and maybe tack an extra day or two of PTO on to the holiday? That's what I'm going to shoot for.

    19 days ago20

  • pokethugg

    Good luck paying bills.

    19 days ago00

  • TheMetalFalcon

    I would say that you should stay for at least a month to get some money and test the waters. You know how when you put your feet into a pool and it’s freezing and you hate it but once you settle into it you realize it’s actually not so bad? That’s why you should stay a bit, you might think it’s really bad now but give it some time. If a month passes and you feel the same, there is not shame in quitting, tell your boss that it just wasn’t for you, and enjoy your life

    19 days ago10

  • perfectplum218

    Hi! I was in your exact same position earlier this year. I almost quit but I got rejected from the second job I was hoping to get so I had to stick it out. And I’m so glad I did! Luckily my first impression was skewed and the job actually turned out to be an amazing opportunity. I would give it at least 3 months until you really get a feel for what the actually job and company are like!

    19 days ago20

  • funlovingfirerabbit

    Damn that sucks. Sorry to hear that, I can seriously relate. My last job was like that too, something that looked good on paper but an absolute toxic trainwreck of an environment

    19 days ago20

  • GingerMau

    Have you visited r/antiwork, perchance? A lot of sympathetic ears over there that might want to hear your stories and suggest solutions. If I may assume you don't always hide and cry, you are probably dealing with abuse, harassment, or other poor treatment from your superiors. Yeah? Trading a bad job for a different bad job is not as bad as staying in a bad job indefinitely. Keep looking if that's what you've got to do.

    19 days ago01

    • PicnicLife

      r/antiwork isn't about this at all.

      19 days ago0

  • Singular1st

    Just leave

    19 days ago10

  • ccg0306

    Quitting ASAP happens constantly. All the way up to the C Suite. Line something else up first, omit current from resume, then quit once you’ve locked the next job down.

    19 days ago20

  • Chazzyphant

    There's **always** a panic period in the new job. There's always a "oh my god I've made a huge mistake!" Always! You don't know anyone. You don't know the lingo and the abbreviations. You need training and you don't feel like an expert and haven't proven yourself. Give it 90 days. Give it your all in those 90 days. Be very proactive about connecting with people, eyes and ears open and mouth zipped, reading any and all training you can get your hands on, and getting up to speed. If after 90 days it's still super miserable, start looking around.

    19 days ago61

    • FoxyFreckles1989

      I really appreciate the energy and the positivity in this comment, but I completely disagree with it. Sometimes you just know, and if you are crying or having anxiety attacks over your job by the second day, that’s a red flag. I also strongly disagree with telling anybody to have their eyes and ears open and their mouth zipped. Nobody should have to silence themselves or make themselves smaller in order to fit in at a new place of employment. I did that crap for years and it got me absolutely nothing in return. Now, I act like myself, and the people I work with can take it or leave it.

      19 days ago6

  • yellowbrickroad23

    After reading your edits, I think you are just overwhelmed from all the change. Sometimes leaving a job that wasn’t exactly great but you were comfortable in feels like the end of the world. You start analyzing your old job and making it seem so much better then it was because starting something new is scary. And you will compare. But just know, this will pass. At least with not knowing things and being confused. It can sometimes take a few months to really know what you’re doing at a new job. So in that aspect, I think you’ll be just fine. As for an unorganized team, that might not change. A lot of places I used to work felt so unorganized. But if this job is better pay and benefits, maybe it’s worth dealing with it. Because if you become really good at what you’re supposed to do (which you will if you stick it out) the team being unorganized won’t affect you as much. Good luck!

    19 days ago31

    • Standard_Hamster_182

      Very true, thank you for your input.

      19 days ago3

  • ishareb

    Do not be depressed.Adjust to the present situation you find yourself.Try to work on your temperament. With time you will get over the situation.

    19 days ago10

  • sugar-and-gold

    I would give it at least 2 weeks before you decide if you really hate it or not. Starting a new job is overwhelming. Let yourself adjust a little before deciding to leave. Don’t be so hard on yourself for leaving your last job. You took a chance with this new place. You don’t know if you will like it or not until you try it. Good luck , I hope you end up liking your new job. If not, just leave and don’t even bother putting it on your resume! You will eventually find the right place for you.

    19 days ago20

  • ChazinPA

    It’s a job… you wouldn’t go unless they were paying you. Don’t let it be personal, as hard as that sounds. Make it transactional.

    19 days ago00

  • Artistic-Translator2

    Job hopper will never be satisfied. Learn to deal with your problems

    19 days ago00

  • IntermetallicAM

    Go find something else.

    19 days ago20

  • Primary_Friendship79

    Does the job require training? If so ride the training out and get a paycheck and resume applying for jobs? Like the other said, don’t even add it to your resume, do not acknowledge it.

    19 days ago10

  • Comprehensive_Put_61

    Before we all give advice to someone we don’t know and whose situation we know little about why don’t we ask more clarifying questions. A good diagnosis, doctor or mechanic doesn’t just give you a suggestion without first identifying the underlying problem. Would you trust a doctor that prescribed you pills if he barely heard your symptoms or your history? Let’s listen first and ask more questions before we want to jump in on what we think the right solution is. You’ve mentioned that you liked your previous job more, what was better at your previous company? Why did you choose to leave in the first place? Sometimes we see the grass is always greener on the other side and we may forget why we moved on in the first place. Not saying this is the case for you but I don’t know your circumstances because you haven’t given much detail to make any conclusions yet. So first we need to investigate further what could be the root issue. OP what is it about this new job do you not like? What type of things were you expecting. What are your values and things you’re looking for. There’s a whole list of factors to consider like, work environment, mental stimulation or being challenged at the right level, values of the company, buyers remorse about the salary and the position? How has your new job not met that expectation? Is it the nature of the work? The people you work with? Can you describe more in detail if you’re wanting better feedback.

    19 days ago10

  • No-Asparagus8746

    I’ve been through this for the past year or so. I’ve started at a job that seemed promising but after a day or two it was a living hell and I quit. The next job I started lasted a week and I couldn’t fit in. The cycle kept repeating itself over and over. In the past few months I’ve been at a job and I’m finally where I want to be. After applying on Indeed, a temp agency called me and said that there’s a warehouse job open. Once again I signed off on the documents and started in 2 weeks. After a month I’ve been given a team lead, this had to be too good to be true. Well yeah there’s high school drama and incident reports were filed. I can assure you that one day you’ll find an amazing job that you’ll actually like. There will always be drama but if you can put that aside, things will work out.

    19 days ago10

  • Desert_Fairy

    I’ve stated a new job and within days I’ve known it would be a clusterfuck. I held out for six months and I was job searching for three. It rarely gets better. Call your old boss and say “I’ve made a horrible mistake…what would you advise if you were in my position?” If there is a possibility your old position is still available they will pipe up. If not hopefully you will get some industry specific advise.

    19 days ago20

  • valkmer112

    Don’t worry we are in the same boat maybe I’m worse than you. I just quite my job for the reasons Below: Reason #1 I was unhappy with the fact they preferred bringing external candidates and they do not hire internal employees for many jobs within the company and the environment start becoming toxic. Reason #2 the new job offered me 10k more. But that didn’t make any difference because I lost my bonus from my previous company which is around 15k. Now I know I left my company for many reasons and I knew I’ll be driving 55 miles 1 way which like 1 hour drive without traffic but I took the risk for it because I was sick and tired from my previous job. Here is the problem, my new manager is an arrogant person and he’s so annoying and I realized I just can not stand him. This situation is worse than I was before….but I’m not regretting any decision I took. The first thing I start doing is to apply for another role and I’m not even updating my resume to the new company.

    19 days ago30

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