Linkedin Anxiety via Premium

9 days ago



So I've logged into my Linkedin after a while of unusability and desperateness (please don't tell me ***"wehl I didn't use Linkedin and I got a job!"*** because I don't have those luck cards, thank you) and is anyone else annoyed by the monetary exclusivity of the premium membership? It's goddamn restrictively aggravating that if you're looking for who surveyed your profile the first thing that shows up is that blurry shit and Linkedin shoveling "try ~~billing~~ free for a month!" down your throat - as someone struggling with anxiety, I'm 99% trying to keep my cool and not launch into another rant while linking Terrible Writing Advice's video on aggressive marketing. It's hard not to think everyone's trying to scam you when the site feels literally designed to lure in jobless people like me and plying them on hope that someone recruits them. [That's what I'm dealing with here, people. Still cool, though.](

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  • vptommr626

    Why do you need to see who views your profile anyway? Virtually no other social platform allows you to know who exactly is viewing your profile. I’m really not sure how paying for premium features means that the everyone is going to scam you. The free version of LinkedIn is very usable and is perfectly helpful to aid in a job search.

    8 days ago


    • APleasantMartini

      That's just it. I don't need to see it, it's just kind of nice to know. As for the scam complaint, well - judging by the high amount of MLMs and accounts like [this]( floating around, you're of course going to think, "Well, they can't all be real, can they?" and your expectations are lowered significantly. It's like the Boy Who Cried Wolf but for job searches.

      8 days ago

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