my first week at new job and i make mistakes all the tome

a month ago



So i got short term job as forkliftdriver/collector and im keeping making mistakes. What i can do?

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  • Zeeb891

    Practice makes us all better! Hang in there! It only gets better!

    a month ago


  • Careless-Turnip413

    You just started. Be easy with yourself. Learn from your mistakes and take your time. It’s okay, you won’t be new forever. It can take a while to settle into your role and duties. But remember feedback is just that. Feedback. Depending on how the feedback was given to you, it’s meant to make you a better employee. Focus on what you’re good at and practice on what could be even better.

    a month ago


    • Dolann99

      Thanks for the answer. It just really makes me feel very stupid when i do simple mistake.

      a month ago

  • Safetyguy22

    Take your time. Relax. 30 years ago, when I was a forklift operator at a PVC plant making pipe. On my first day, I hit two water lines in the air and shut down production on two lines of pipe. Fuck em; you got this. Get a spotter too.

    a month ago


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