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  • Alarmed_Upstairs_858

    Early 1950s photograph colorized

    7 months ago2261

    • engmac98

      “Back in my day..”

      7 months ago77

  • GottaKeepGoGoGoing

    Laughs in unemployed

    7 months ago380

  • luvescenario

    even entry level jobs in industries like fkn hospitality and retail still want you to have at least 2 years of experience ???? like it _would_ be helpful to have some experience waiting tables but surely it can't be hard to just . teach someone

    7 months ago301

    • cherrycranberries

      When I was a teenager, my mother and father would fake my resume where it would say I worked in retail/food for a couple years just to get the job. Always worked. They did it for my little sister, too. It’s sad that I had to say I worked as a hostess before or put clothes on a rack in a department store for 2 years just so I could get a job, where I actually LEARNED to do it. Why do we need to lie to get jobs even like that? How hard is to train someone to open doors for people, put menus on a table or hang up clothes?

      7 months ago6

  • Proof-Introduction

    I've done this. Risky, sometimes it works, sometimes it's an expensive mistake.

    7 months ago951

    • Accomplished-Ant1600

      I managed bars and restaurants and I had one owner who let me hire people with little to no experience. While not the most complex job, I definitely found that with some people and jobs it’s easier to train people the right way things are done, and not have to break them of any bad habits.

      7 months ago51

  • Cruzwein

    yes, we are hiring! ​ we are looking for 18-25-year old people with over 30+ years of experience also must be graduated from the top global university. \- Must be top #1 global youtuber with over 10M subscribers \- Own a tesla company \- Have 3 wives/husbands \- Have 3 phd or more. ​ ​ Your schedule will be 120hrs/week , no time to sleep :) your salary will be minimum wage btw interested? Sign up!

    7 months ago1171

    • SeverianLies

      >a tesla company a what now

      7 months ago13

  • Dark-Blade

    I really don’t get how some companies want 5 years experience at an entry level job. I have a friend, who worked as a research assistant during his undergrad and did two internships. He’s an engineering major and both the research assistant and internships were related to his major. Had a few interviews but even then, he got denied. And he has good interviewing skills but they said he wasn’t “experienced enough.” Like wtf, the system needs to change badly.

    7 months ago491

    • GlitterBirb

      "We went with someone more experienced" or something along those lines is sometimes corporate-speak for "we don't feel like we owe you an explanation, but we want to say something anyway, because we don't want to be asked". You really never know why unless they want to be specific. Usually by the time they give an interview, they already know how experienced you are.

      7 months ago25

  • Extra_Napkins

    People confuse experience with talent sometimes.

    7 months ago281

    • patrickwsb

      So every fucking Boomer who brags about their "years of experience"?

      7 months ago18

  • hausautt

    Next to impossible these days... Even entry level jobs, you need how many years of experience. Minimum education grade 12 but where you get those years of experience?

    7 months ago100

  • mousemarie94

    Also, I recently had to remind a friend that they could apply for a position that had a few "preferred" qualifications they didnt hold. I also told them to apply to a position where they only matched 70% of the JD. The JD is a wishlist at best.

    7 months ago90

  • Arrow_Flash626

    This. I just got told I didnt get a job due to my experience. I mentioned in my interview that I love picking up new skills and I do a lot of learning and teaching myself on my own time. They still tell me they need someone with more experience. I cant get the experience if no one will hire me for a job like that

    7 months ago91

    • cherrycranberries

      This is when you have to lie on your resume (as long as you know you can do the job you’re applying for). Most people I’ve talked to lie at least a little on their resume. I had to lie the first time I ever made a resume as a teen because they wanted people with “experience” to be a cashier, hang up clothes or serve menus lol.

      7 months ago4

  • alienfeline

    There was an ad on facebook that was hiring an IT to do shitloads of work. They basically asked for 5 programming languages, multimedia knowledge and other computer science jargon that I don't understand for 19,000 pesos per month (about $400). I was pursuing digital arts as my major but ended up working as a Spanish call center agent for 3 times the money. This is The Philippines btw where call center agents are paid quite nicely due to the company being owned overseas.

    7 months ago81

    • patrickwsb

      Is there a difference in pay for English vs. Spanish language support centers?

      7 months ago2

  • Cccactus07

    Pretty much how my parents got jobs in the late 70s. Just walk into any workplace and say you're willing to learn.

    7 months ago70

  • summerofevidence

    Yo, I'm in the process of hiring my first employee. I opted for the guy that didn't really have any experience, but I liked his attitude and energy. Like his resume only said he was a.doordash driver. I have a home service business so a good personality is important. I can teach a newbie how to use a drill. No dude... I ended up firing the guy after a week. I'm starting to learn why he was unemployed for so long. We did a week of training, but Everytime I would show him how to drill something and then give him the tool to do it on his own, he was way too timid. Everytime it was "no it's, okay, I'll just keep watching you so I can learn". Like m-fer, this is learning. I reached my breaking point when he would ask if he could get paid early, like the next day. I told him that's not how payroll works. He kept pestering saying he needed to pay bills. On the final day, he wasn't working, I had a full day of clients, he started blowing up my phone, asking me to do a big favor and venmo him for just the first day. I didn't have time to look at my phone for 3+ hours, but when I checked there were a handful of messages about it. So i said fuck it. I paid directly for his time and told him not to contact me ever again. I'm sure all you all in this sub are fine people with the best intentions. But it's fuckers like this guy is the reason why employers are scared to take a chance. I definitely learned my lesson .

    7 months ago321

    • HarrysonTubman

      Yup. I was involved last week with firing a guy, too (didn't directly make the decision, but was involved in the decision making process). Yeah, it sucks. Not as much for me as him, that's for sure, but still it sits on you. And keep in mind, too, there was almost a year's worth of work that went into trying to help him get up to speed but it just never came to fruition. He wasn't brand new, but had been let go for various reasons in the past and was out of work when hired. Bottom line is it makes me not want to take as much a chance on people. It would have been better off for everyone, including him probably, if we was never hired. So yeah, when you see the fall out of a hire not going well, it really makes you want to tighten up your criteria.

      7 months ago6

  • yourmommaisaunicorn

    Wait, are we supposed to cut off our legs during the interview?

    7 months ago41

    • WonderFerret

      Do you have 5 years of experience doing that? If not, please leave.

      7 months ago8

  • AbductedNoah33

    We need more people like this

    7 months ago60

  • Suspicious_Bother_88

    This is honestly how my first industry job interview went fresh out of college while barely matching the job description. They asked for this one specific skill/concept and I basically said "no experience at all". Now marks my (I would say fruitful) almost 1.5 yrs with the company and I am forever grateful and feel so lucky they took this risk with me.

    7 months ago40

  • millionreddit617

    Every boomer’s job interview ever, this is why they can’t understand what it’s like for people trying to find a good job today.

    7 months ago50

  • Lazy_Chemistry

    We also need people that can recognize when you're no longer into the work and mercy fire you so that you can collect UI.

    7 months ago30

  • peppermintzluv

    I posted this a month ago in the HR subreddit and got negative comments and votes. 😑 well at least this post has positive comments and votes

    7 months ago30

  • DoYouNeedHugs

    I had this luck once and it was awesome for awhile then after 2 years they took advantage of my awesome soft skills and ability to say YES too much loololl

    7 months ago30

  • Yjytrash01

    Employers should have this mindset. Give someone a chance to be trained and learn the ropes of the job. If after some time, he/she did not improve then let that person go.

    7 months ago30

  • say592

    I'm really hoping this will change over the next year. Companies are complaining about not being able to hire good workers, wages seem to be creeping up a little too. Now they just need to decide that investing in people is worth while.

    7 months ago31

    • utopista114

      >Now they just need to decide that investing in people is worth while. They don't, it's capitalism. You force them.

      7 months ago2

  • lead999x

    What a fantasy.

    7 months ago60

  • jonfranklin

    So what if you lie. Like you're in the interview and you just lie and say you have experience. Like a cashier's job or data entry job. Why not just say, yeah I've done this before. Then just like...learn on the job. Can you get arrested for lying in a job interview? How can it hurt your hiring prospects if you're not getting hired anyway? Executives lie to their employees and the consumers everyday. So why not just lie? Worst case scenario is they fire you after a week or month and you still end up getting paid a little bit for doing what you did. So just lie? ![gif](giphy|Xf1ghvcjLrMn3O6Qe4)

    7 months ago61

    • ItzzDenvaa

      Well, technically, lying on a resume or in an interview about past job experiences cant constitute an arrest. However, if the employer wants to verify the accuracy of the information and the information is deemed invalid, they have the right to terminate you.

      7 months ago1

  • superbmani15

    So... internships?

    7 months ago91

    • QualityMicrophone

      As long as they’re paid.

      7 months ago7

  • SnooSquirrels6758

    "... Hey, you're finally awake! You were trying to cross the border, right?"

    7 months ago20

  • Phatbuffet

    Just make the freshies take some examinations. In my experience, some really smart people, even though they don’t know the topic, will learn it within days and pass the test. I’m from east Asia and here examinations are very common even for entry level jobs, so you get people who actually know their stuff, not just good at bluffing.

    7 months ago20

  • Remarkable_Stay_8372

    u/Mobile_Mix2318 read your post on Trueoffmychest and thought Maybe you can use this

    7 months ago20


    Heavily depends on what the job is. Most are looking for a well-oiled machine when adding noobs to their lineup so if there's a sticky piece of gum in the mix they understandably and indiscriminately cut it out

    7 months ago20

  • hackysack-jack

    My best hire was a 16 y.o. with no work experience. His story of stopping two bums fighting over soup at a volunteer shelter won me over

    7 months ago20

  • buonatalie

    My dad keeps going on about how the year I graduated was an "excellent" time for the job market and finding a job should have been easy for me. i sent him a screenshot of an email i got from indeed showing how many other applicants applied to the entry level job in my field i sent my application to (548 people btw!) and all he said was "oh well, keep trying :)"

    7 months ago20

  • mc0079

    So all these people with jobs....they got experience somewhere.....maybe people need to start smaller or apply to jobs they have qualifications for?

    7 months ago11

    • NekotheCompDependent

      I want to be a UX designer, I only see jobs for Senor Designer. I would love a jr roll. I look for it. it's not posted anywhere. So how would I gain that experience?

      7 months ago13

  • fuckthisjob2021

    I goes without say, but this depends on the job and the seniority of the position. I'd say any entry-level job should be open to no experience and any associate level job should require no direct experience, but some work experience that might be relevant. The problem is that the world is competitive; there's always someone more qualified than you and if they happen to want the same job, you're shit out of luck. I've made my way into quite a few final interviews for roles I was barely qualified for only to be beat out by another candidate with the experience the employers wanted.

    7 months ago10

  • emotionslol

    Awe, that's nice :)

    7 months ago10

  • windol1

    With some of the managers who have passed through the store I work in, it certainly feels like this is how the company hire them.

    7 months ago10

  • Arastreet

    This is public accounting 100%. Interviews are basically "why accounting?" and you are hired. The hours and environment are so hard that they have to hire everyone just to get the work done due to crazy turnover rates.

    7 months ago10

  • Dustin_Bromain

    They don’t need that much experience. They just want to reduce how many applications they get

    7 months ago10

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