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Working as a Management Consultant

Management Consultants, sometimes called management analysts or simply consultants suggest ways to improve an organization's efficiency. They advise leaders / the board of businesses how to make their organisation more profitable, typically by cutting costs whilst simultaneously increasing turnover.

The work of a management consultant will vary from organization to organization, but in general any business who hires their services expects them to analyze...

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Analyst (13,317 Jobs)

Consultant (4,742 Jobs)

Research (2,324 Jobs)

Business Analyst (1,393 Jobs)

Risk (1,265 Jobs)

Analytics (1,082 Jobs)

Product Manager (803 Jobs)

Regulatory Affairs (440 Jobs)

Customer Experience (375 Jobs)

Estimator (303 Jobs)

Policy (293 Jobs)

Risk Management (292 Jobs)

Researcher (225 Jobs)

Research Associate (212 Jobs)

Research Analyst (211 Jobs)

Product Owner (203 Jobs)

Cyber Security Analyst (192 Jobs)

Strategist (183 Jobs)

Compliance Manager (180 Jobs)

Assessor (168 Jobs)

Management Consultant (166 Jobs)

Risk Manager (118 Jobs)

Campaign Manager (109 Jobs)

Safety Manager (106 Jobs)

Process Development (103 Jobs)

Management Systems (96 Jobs)

Category Manager (92 Jobs)

Change Management (89 Jobs)

Compliance Analyst (76 Jobs)

Process Improvement (76 Jobs)

Reporting Analyst (75 Jobs)

Policy Analyst (68 Jobs)

Data Governance (67 Jobs)

Research Manager (67 Jobs)

Demand Planner (66 Jobs)

Analytics Manager (64 Jobs)

Strategy Manager (58 Jobs)

Operational Risk (55 Jobs)

Implementation Manager (51 Jobs)

Power BI (49 Jobs)

Quality Analyst (48 Jobs)

Process Automation (39 Jobs)

Research and Development (39 Jobs)

Strategy Analyst (38 Jobs)

Compliance Officer (36 Jobs)

Business Strategy (34 Jobs)

Regulatory Reporting (29 Jobs)

Safety Officer (27 Jobs)

Political (27 Jobs)

Strategy Director (27 Jobs)

Senior Estimator (26 Jobs)

Implementation Consultant (24 Jobs)

Public Affairs (23 Jobs)

Adviser (22 Jobs)

Agile Project Manager (22 Jobs)

Corporate Development (21 Jobs)

Strategy Consultant (20 Jobs)

BI Consultant (16 Jobs)

Health and Safety Manager (16 Jobs)

Information Governance (15 Jobs)

Customer Experience Manager (14 Jobs)

PMO Manager (14 Jobs)

Evaluation Specialist (14 Jobs)

Economic Development (13 Jobs)

CRO (12 Jobs)

Management Information (12 Jobs)

Service Designer (12 Jobs)

BI Analyst (11 Jobs)

HSE Manager (11 Jobs)

Enterprise Risk Management (11 Jobs)

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