Diversity & Inclusion Checker

Don't let your job descriptions hold you back from inclusive hiring.

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Why do I need a Diversity & Inclusion Checker?

We know that all successful companies want to hire the best person for the role, irrespective of their gender, race or background but frequently unconscious barriers are found within job advertisements.

The majority of organisations write job posts with excellent intentions but unfortunately it's not always easy to spot how the tone of the text can subtly upset the balance of an inclusive job description in the wrong direction.

We want to change that narrative so as part of our job upload we now suggest the best use of language to engage the talent you want to attract! Our automatic 'inclusion check' suggests simple changes to help you build a diverse, talented and inclusive workforce.

Show me how it works!

Sure! Here is a preview of how we analyse your job descriptions in realtime as you type. But even better - how about you try it yourself.