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Laboror Job Description

Use this laboror sample job description template to advertise laboror vacancies at your company. Remember to change responsibilities and requirements based on the needs of your organization.

Laboror Job Description

We are looking to hire a Laborer to join our busy construction team. You will be responsible for a wide range of tasks including building and repair, machine operation, loading and unloading materials as well as other general duties around the site.

You will be comfortable in following written and oral instructions from supervisors and other skilled tradesmen.  You will also be committed to keeping the site clean and safe at all times, ensuring that all policies and protocols are adhered to. This is a physically demanding role and therefore you should have the stamina and the ability to lift heavy loads in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Assist skilled tradespeople and follow their instructions

  • Prepare the construction sites by ensuring that it is clean, safe and hazards are minimised

  • Prepare, load and move materials and equipment around site

  • Safely use machinery and power tools

  • Help to erect scaffolding and other temporary structures

  • Be mindful of and report any issues with equipment or potentially unsafe conditions

  • Remove, fill, or compact earth

  • Learn new skills on the job

  • Clean and tidy the site throughout the day


  • Able to carry out physical labor and other strenuous tasks.

  • Good worth ethic, reliable and punctual

  • Ideally have experience working within the construction industry

  • Good hand-eye coordination

  • Experience using power tools and other machinery would be beneficial

  • Able to learn from written and verbal instructions

  • Commitment to safety rules

Sample Laboror Interview Questions

Once you receive applications to your laboror job post on DirectlyApply you will need to conduct an interview with each of the job seekers.