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Maintenance Technician Job Description

Use this maintenance technician sample job description template to advertise maintenance technician vacancies at your company. Remember to change responsibilities and requirements based on the needs of your organization.

Maintenance Technician Job Description

We are looking to hire a Maintenance Technician to join our maintenance team and ensure the condition and upkeep of our buildings and services are of the highest standard.  You will be responsible for a wide variety of maintenance tasks, from painting and landscaping to HVAC and electrical installations.

To succeed in this role you must be practically minded and have a wide ranging depth of knowledge across building maintenance and systems.  You will need to be self motivated, happy to work without constant supervision and always adhere to the latest health and safety regulations.

Your chief responsibility is to keep the buildings and systems in the best possible condition to preserve the functionality of our premises.  Your duties will therefore include conducting regular inspections, scheduling repairs, and developing preventative maintenance procedures.  


  • Conduct regular inspection and surveys of buildings, equipment and systems 

  • Repair faulty equipment and maintain electrical, heating, plumbing systems

  • Carry out health and safety checks including fire and security alarm inspection and testing

  • Assist in the setup of HVAC systems and conduct repairs when required

  • Undertake preventative and reactive measures surrounding pest control

  • Develop, implement and maintain company maintenance procedures

  • Perform general maintenance tasks including landscaping, painting and carpentry

  • Work with colleagues in devising the budget for the maintenance department


  • Previous experience in a maintenance related position

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Understanding of maintenance, electrical and mechanical systems

  • Certification across building maintenance and / or HVAC is desirable

  • Able to problem solve and troubleshoot

  • Happy to do shift work and overtime 

  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) would be a bonus

Sample Maintenance Technician Interview Questions

Once you receive applications to your maintenance technician job post on DirectlyApply you will need to conduct an interview with each of the job seekers.