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Accounting Clerk

When hiring an Accounting Clerk, it's important to remember that this role plays a very important part in ensuring the daily financial operations of your organization run as smoothly as possible.  An Accounting Clerk will be working with accounting and financial terminology to ensure that all bookkeeping and other essential tasks are carried out accurately.  It is therefore imperative that they have a clear and comprehensive grasp of the work that they are undertaking.  The more technical the Accounting Clerks knowledge, the less likely they are to make as many mistakes.

The skills and personality traits that enable an Accounting Clerk to thrive in this role include being reliable, methodical, able to follow written and verbal instructions, confident with numbers and good written & verbal communication skills and able to work well in a team environment.

Interview Questions

What led you to undertake a career in accounting?

Can you tell me about your experience with accounting software?

Please can you explain the steps you take to ensure accurate data entry?

What tools would you use to create a spreadsheet to track company expenses?

What is your experience in maintaining account records and preparing financial statements?

How have you previously resolved errors that you have made in transcribing or bookkeeping?

Have you introduced any accounting efficiencies into your previous employer?

How do you keep track of deadlines and ensure you complete your tasks in a timely fashion?

What is your experience in dealing with and handling confidential documents and information?

Are you confident in speaking with clients and or other third parties in relation to financial and accounting matters?