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Marketing Manager

When hiring a Marketing Manager, it's important to remember that they are to be responsible for the creation and implementation of strategies that ultimately lead to your company successfully sourcing new customers. Therefore this role will play an integral part in ensuring your organization is able to succeed and grow in the face of external challenges and competitors.

Marketing Managers are often responsible for creating strategy, driving growth and presenting company performance to management. They need to combine a solid knowledge of market research analysis as well as have experience across the entire marketing funnel. It is important they are able to communicate across the business and can learn from their losses as much as from their wins.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Marketing Manager to thrive in this role include excellent communication skills, strategic, target driven, adaptable, strong attention to detail and possess a strong commercial awareness.

Interview Questions

What is your previous experience in marketing?

How do you structure a marketing budget?

What marketing software are you familiar with and what other marketing tools do you use?

How do you manage the process of delegating work to employees?

What tools and metrics would you use to figure out why a campaign has failed? How would you act on your findings?

Can you provide examples of presentations you have given to senior management on the state of the business?

Can you show an example of a time when you have introduced a new strategy which has increased company performance?

How would you respond if you were asked to take on a project with limited budget and resources?

How would you create a campaign for a product that we were due to launch in 3 months? What offline marketing activities would you adopt to try and secure the product’s success?

How would you respond if senior management did not like or approve of the marketing strategy you were planning to launch?