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Member of the ACT Team to assess, plan, develop, coordinate, and provide treatment and counseling, conduct program planning, conduct assessments, consultation and follow-up on direct services and rehabilitation to assist clients and their families in coping with health related social problems.


There is no staff reporting to this position.


Conduct screening interviews and assessments using personal interviews, referral information, medical history, collateral contact and additional methods as needed.

Recommend treatment plans to Physicians and/or other mental health professionals that address medical, psychiatric, and psychosocial needs/problems and specify modalities of treatment and support, to address specific goals. Modify the plan as necessary to reflect the needs of the client.

Provide ongoing counseling to individuals, groups, or families as reflected in the treatment plan.

Identifies gaps in service, barriers to treatment and the acquisition of community resources.

Advocates for the reduction of such barriers and for the development of needed services.

Build strong relationships with patients, families, co-workers and surrounding community. Provide education to families and other identified natural supports.

Provide case management services as required for a group of assigned persons which includes coordinating and monitoring the Individual Treatment Plan for the team. Primary responsibility for a group of 10-12 persons will be assigned.

Attain all benefits a person qualifies for under Local, State, and Federal law.

Teach money management skills such as budgeting and banking.

Provide crisis intervention and rapid support services to circumvent hospitalization.

Schedules medical treatments, dental treatments, and doctors visits as required.

Visit the person when admitted to inpatient somatic and psychiatric treatment as well as plan for discharge at the beginning of admission.

Meet all needs of the person starting with housing, food, and clothing before any other intervention occurs. Housing must be safe and affordable.

Assist persons to carry out daily living skills including person hygiene, nutritional needs, shopping, and food preparation as well as house cleaning and laundry. Teach transportation skills.

Develop and document psychosocial database.

Document client progress to maintain a permanent record of client activity according to COMAR and agency related requirements.

Provide consultation and educational services to community agencies as needed. Coordinate with outside agencies to wrap services around the person.

Participate in interdisciplinary conferences with appropriate medical, nursing, social work, and administrative staff.

Provide ongoing assessment of client’s issues and their response to treatment.

Provide symptom education and illness management as prescribed by evidenced based practices or established guidelines.

Provide group as well as family and individual therapy/treatment.

Utilize evidenced based practices for co-occurring disorders when performing group substance abuse treatment and individual treatment.

Be available at all times for the persons on the team as well as the persons being treated.

Provide case management for an assigned group of clients including coordinating and monitoring the activities of the individual treatment team; assume responsibility for developing, writing, implementing, evaluating, and revising overall treatment goals and plans in conjunction with the ITP; provide individual supportive counseling; assist in symptom management, ensuring immediate changes are made in the treatment plans as client’s needs change. Educate and support client’s families, and advocate for client rights and preferences.

Conduct comprehensive assessment of all domains of a person’s life.

Provide on call crisis intervention when assigned covering nighttime and weekend hours.

Become an expert of the ACT philosophy and follow and maintain high fidelity to the ACT Model of Care.

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