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Mental Health Case Manager

AMFM Healthcare - Vienna, VA

Posted 11 days ago

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Job Description

AMFM Healthcare is looking for skilled and enthusiastic Case Managers for a population of clients with severe mental health diagnoses.

AMFM Healthcare is a residential mental and behavioral health provider serving those who are seeking treatment to learn coping skills for severe mental illness.

We pride ourselves on the combination of medication management, 24 hour supervision, individual therapy, family therapy, a min of 6 hours of group therapy a day and case management services.

We are looking for an individual with experience serving those diagnosed with a severe mental illness and who are passionate for providing hope.



Case Manager

Reports To: Clinical Director

FLSA Status:

Hourly, Full-time, Non-exempt


AMFM Healthcare is a dynamic, motivated, and passionate company committed to high quality ethical care of clients with Mental and Behavioral Health disorders, with or without co-occurring secondary diagnoses.

We are a united team that works cross departmentally to achieve superior results through concentrated and compassionate care.

We are willing to work with our clients and put our wholehearted enthusiasm into each individuals care so that they can have the best results.

We believe in promoting from within, and being a positive force in our communities and within our organization.

If all these attributes are things you value as well, AMFM Healthcare is most likely an organization where you can succeed and fulfill your goals.


Carries individual case load for clients with primary Mental Health and /or co-occurring disorders.

MUST have experience dealing with acute clients that are often in psychosis, have mood disorders, and in some cases have severe SI.

This Mental and Behavioral Health Case Manager will also will run group sessions following evidenced based practices.


Other duties may be assigned

Carries individual caseload which includes:

Weekly individual sessions

Assess clients for suicidal risk and communicate directly with Clinical Director

Work with clients on assigned caseload throughout the course of their treatment, guiding them through the program from admit to discharge and providing appropriate continuum of care through proper discharge planning policies.

Assesses clients for trauma, abuse and exploitation

Adheres to any and all joint commission standards

Consults with Psychiatrist or other specialists concerning treatment plan and amends plan as directed.

Conducts peer counseling groups and family counseling during clinical therapy sessions.

May co-facilitate Saturday Family Group.

Facilitate psycho-educational, topic, and process groups.

Attend Weekly Clinical Staffing Meeting.

Complete Charting and Documentation in accordance with documentation policies and procedures within 24 hours of completion of clinical session.


Acceptable Credentials - Bachelors in a related Social Sciences Field (Sociology, Psychology, etc) or appropriate amount of relevant work experience

Past experience with substance abuse or mental health strongly preferred.

Hands-on experience in Groups (process, psycho educational, and topic), Family Therapy, Individual Therapy (wide range of modalities accepted), and working with clients with addiction issues.


BS/BA, MS/MA in Psychology, Sociology, or related field

Human Services and SUD Credentials acceptable with appropriate experience and career focus (Primary Mental Health, not Substance Use.)

MFT / MSW License or PsyD, PhD licensed

AMFT/ ACSW through Board of Behavioral Sciences with over 1500 hours already accumulated

Current adult CPR certification

Current adult First-Aid certification

TB Test current test or results obtained less than 6 months prior to hire

Must be able to pass a federal background check

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