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Sr. Software Engineer

Arena Technical Resources - Herndon, VA

Posted 6 days ago

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Herndon, VA


SW/App/Web Developers

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    Sr. Software Engineer

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    In Herndon, VA

    We are looking for an experienced Sr. Software Engineer to join our team in the Washin on, DC area!

    Role and Responsibilities:

    You will be a key player in our product development organization. You will become a part of a growing team of developers focused on building products and solutions targeted at our U.S. Federal market. Once on board, you will need a fast start to begin developing a net new project. You will join our existing global engineering organization and work closely with our existing engineering organizations in Norway and the United Kingdom.

    Tasks include:

    • Develop, ship, and rapidly iterate high quality code in as part of a new software development group based in the United States
    • Establish strong development standards and processes to help ensure the code maintains the highest quality both from the outset and as the team expands
    • Work with the team to co-develop, execute, and automate unit and product test plans
    • Contribute to multiple projects in a highly collaborative, cross functional, global environment
    • Collaborate with an operations team to facilitate support and monitoring of the service your team helped to design and develop
    • Work with the QA team for validation activities
    • Write, review, and revise product requirements and specifications
    • Participate in other areas of the software development process

    Required Qualifications:

    • You are able to work both independently and collaboratively and lead in a fast paced environment, and work as part of a cohesive team focused on culture
    • You must be familiar with a variety of programming languages, development and support processes, and be able to maintain a strong focus on quality and test automation.
    • You must possess exceptional troubleshooting skills and be able to quickly assess complex programming applications
    • A bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or a related discipline is required
    • You must be keen on working in React, Python, Go within a cloud environment

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • You have strong product architectural design skills and a track record of developing and shipping quality products on time and to spec.
    • You feel comfortable helping to define, clarify and refine product specifications
    • Experience, working on large scale, high availability distributed services
    • Experience of developing systems that form part of FEDRAMP and/or FIPS 140-2 validated solutions an advantage
    • Familiarity with real time collaboration protocols and solutions involving WebRTC, SIP or H.323 services a bonus

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