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Information Systems Security Engineer

Avid Technology Professionals - Chantilly, VA

Posted 13 days ago

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Job Description


The Client serves as the focal point for: Strategic planning; stakeholder engagement and end-user support; integrated business operations; and specialized application development and enterprise engineering functions.

The Client requires support for the specialized enterprise engineering functions and application development teams.

Priorities will be managed by the Client.

Work Requirement:

The contractor shall manage the accreditation and authorization (A&A) process for multiple systems across Client organization.

The contractor shall adhere to guidelines set forth in The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Rev 4 and Rev 5 versions.

The contractor shall adhere to guidelines set forth in Directive (ICD)503.

The contractor shall adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Clients Risk Management


The contractor shall work with development teams to document the system in all aspects related to the Client Risk Management


The contractor shall manage and track the status of the application throughout the life of the system.

The contractor shall provide Client with reports related status of systems as they move though the accreditation process.

The contractor shall diagnose issues with systems related to security vulnerabilities.

The contactor shall resolve issues with systems related to security vulnerabilities.

The contractor shall provide cyber security guidance.


Demonstrated experience organizing and prioritizing under tight deadlines.

Demonstrated experience managing multiple tasks and projects.

Demonstrated experience supporting the customer and its mission.

Demonstrated experience exhibiting advanced oral and written communication skills.

Demonstrated experience using an Enterprise Service Management Tool with Configuration Manager role.

Demonstrated experience using security tracking applications such as XACTA 360.

Demonstrated experience with software approval process, governance, and patch management process.



Any ethical hacking experience or certifications

About Avid Technology Professionals

Avid Technology Professionals, LLC (ATP) is a premiere provider of software and systems engineering, and acquisition program management services for the community.

ATP is actively seeking to pursue contract opportunities with other departments and agencies in the federal government, in state governments, and in the commercial sectors.

Delivered by seasoned experts in the IT field, ATP solutions adeptly address the IT concerns manifesting in both the federal and commercial sectors.

Employee Benefits

The ATP Employee Benefits package includes:

  • A Supportive and Equitable Working Environment that is both Stimulating and Challenging
  • Competitive Hourly Salary
  • Unique Employee Success Sharing Program that allows ATP employees to Share in Company's Successes
  • Automatic Approved Overtime (as long as contract permits)
  • Retirement Pay (401K); 100% company paid, immediately vested with Profit-Sharing Component
  • Company Medical Coverage Plans - HMO, Open Access, PPO plans
  • Company Dental Plan - widely accepted, comprehensive, and flexible
  • Progressive Overtime Policy
  • Flexible Spending Account benefit
  • Lucrative Referral Bonus Policy
  • Holiday Scheduling that Coincides with Government Holidays
  • Robust Professional Expenses & Training Program
  • Computer Allowance
  • Internet Allowance
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance

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