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Remote Business Development Representative

Bandalier - Gaithersburg, MD

Posted 7 days ago

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Job Description

We are looking forInsideSales Repsto join our team! We have part-time and full-time roles available, and this role is fully remote.

Bandalier is a growing company with a unique approach to sales careers. When you join Bandalier, we offer you robust training to give you a strong selling foundation. Youll then partner with technology companies in need of sales support, backed by supportive managers and our collaborative team culture.

As an Inside Sales Rep, you will perform outreach to potential customers over a variety of channels, which will include cold calling, cold emails, and social media prospecting in order to generate interest in our clients products/services. Youll interact with your manager and teammates for development opportunities and to celebrate successes, and youll get access to our sales education program, featuring the psychology of sales and data-proven sales methods.

You will love this job if:

  • You have some sales experience and want to level up your selling skills
  • You are excited about sales and building a sales career
  • You want training in selling techniques and a structured work environment
  • You want to be exposed to technology companies and experience startup culture
  • You're excited by entrepreneurship and the idea of helping build a company from the ground up

What youll do:

  • Prospect new customers through cold calling, cold emailing, and LinkedIn prospecting to schedule qualified sales appointments
  • Interact with manager and teammates for development opportunities and to celebrate successes
  • Learn best practices and the process of making sales
  • Build the structures and processes that will help us grow Bandalier.

You should have:

  • An interest in sales, especially tech sales
  • Some relevant sales experience or exposure to the sales process, such as cold calling, canvassing, phone banking or even voter registration
  • Some previous work experience, ideally in sales

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