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UX Designer- Carfax for Police Division

CARFAX - Centreville, VA

Posted 14 days ago

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Job Description

Join our WINNING team as a UX/UI Designer CARFAX for Police Division

When was the last time you bragged about where you work? At CARFAX, we do it every day. Why? Because were proud to work for a company with a strong mission and trusted brand. Were proud to work with people who care about what they do and work hard every day to deliver their best. Weve created the type of company culture where the term, work- hard play- hard is taken to new heights. Even today, while working remotely, temporarily due to COVID-19, our culture is strong and our team is connected!

This position is full time and based in the US. We are open to considering remote candidates who are willing to travel on a quarterly basis to our offices in Centreville, VA or in Gdansk, Poland.

As a UX Designer, you will:

  • Collaborate side by side with product and marketing managers as well as developers across the business to design high-quality digital products and user experiences.
  • Use creative research methods and available data to inform design decisions and evaluate the effective of the designs.
  • Design high-quality, thoughtful interfaces that balance aesthetics and usability.
  • Use prototyping tools to demonstrate interactive designs that captivate our users.
  • Enjoy working with agile development teams on applications and helping our product manager focus on realistic deliverables.
  • Take pride in listening, communicating, and collaborating exceptionally well.
  • Are familiar with possibilities and the limitations of current development approaches for web applications and native mobile applications.
  • Illustrate a firm grasp of the user centered design process (Strategy, Research, Design and Testing), and be able to lead the product team through the various stages when applicable.

In a given week, our UX/UI Designers might be:

  • Leading a whiteboard session with the rest of the project team (product manager, developers, etc.) to brainstorm designs.
  • Creating user workflows or information architecture for a complex new feature.
  • Evaluate the usability of a proposed feature or product by testing a prototype with users.
  • Facilitate workshops with the product team to help evaluate which product concepts to build out.

To be considered for this role, you will need:

  • Have 3-5 years of experience designing mobile and web (WordPress) interfaces.
  • Have a degree, certification, or equivalent work experience showing aptitude with digital product design.
  • Have prior experience designing native mobile apps (iOS and Android).
  • Be proficient in using design tools such as the Sketch, Invision, and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • An online portfolio of UX/UI work samples you can share with us. *

*Ability to travel internationally and adapt daily work schedule to international time zones

  • 2 Trips to Poland a year for 7 days all expenses paid
  • Quarterly trips to VA office for 3-4 days if remote

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