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Financial Consultant II

Centennial Technologies - Leesburg, VA

Posted 5 days ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

We are looking for a Principal Management Consultant I with 3-5 years of experience in providing research and analysis support.

Researches and analyzes data related to a project topic.

The candidate must of able to comfortably applies knowledge to determine the accuracy and reasonableness of the data; documents and summarizes the results to be used in developing client recommendations.

The candidate be able to assists in developing processes and implementing solutions to meet the clients business needs, translates Management Consultant and Senior Analyst knowledge of client's business processes and industry to inform and support members of the project team.


Positive attitude and strong interpersonal skill

Must be detail oriented and be able to deliver accurate information in a timely manner

Bachelors Degree.

Must be able to acquire US Government public trust clearance.

Demonstrates advance proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office suite, and in other applications as required.

Analyze and evaluate sensitive data within systems to identify any patterns, trends, or data anomalies.

Be responsible for developing high quality, on schedule deliverables, in direct support of the client and Centennial team.

Financial analysis skills knowledge of research techniques sufficient to collect and interpret data Knowledge

Desired Experience Duties/Tasks and Responsibilities

Support clients in collecting and analyzing data, producing models and visualizations, and draw conclusions from the data to improve decision-making

Analyze and help develop and/or improve policies and procedures for a variety of programs and operational needs

Demonstrates ability to speak well in front of an audience and be able to present security briefs to high-ranking personnel and be able to give presentations to personnel in a clear, concise but comprehensive manner.

Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously; coordinating and ensuring scheduled goals are met.

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