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Agile Coach

CirrusLabs - Mclean, VA

Posted 21 days ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

We are CirrusLabs. Our vision is to become the worlds most sought-after niche digital transformation company that helps customers realize value through innovation. Our mission is to co-create success with our customers, partners and community. Our goal is to enable employees to dream, grow and make things happen. We are committed to excellence. We are a dependable partner organization that delivers on commitments. We strive to maintain integrity with our employees and customers. Every action we take is driven by value. The core of who we are is through our well knit teams and employees.

You are the core of a values driven organization. You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You enjoy working as a part of well-knit teams. You value the team over the individual. You welcome diversity at work and within the greater community. You arent afraid to take risks. You appreciate a growth path with your leadership team that journeys how you can grow inside and outside of the organization. You thrive upon continuing education programs that your company sponsors to stren hen your skills and for you to become a thought leader ahead of the industry curve. You are excited about creating change because your skills can help the greater good of every customer, industry and community.

CirrusLabs has ranked on the Inc. 5000 list for fastest-growing private companies three times and our 2020 ranking highlights a three-year revenue growth of 226%. We are also active partners of the "Virginia Values Veterans" V3 Program as well as the "Work in Northern Virginia" program.


Required Skills

  • JIRA Align or AgileCraft
  • Portfolio Management Experience

Desired Skills

  • VersionOne
  • JIRA Portfolio
  • JIRA
  • Leadership Coaching experience
  • Portfolio Level Coaching experience
  • Enterprise Coaching experience

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