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Performance Engineer

Collabera - Reston, VA

Posted 12 days ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

Title Performance EngineerSRE of Positions 3 Top Skills (In Order)

Performance Engineering, SplunkDynatrace, Load Runner, JMeter, Development experience is highly preferred (Java), Docker experience preferred, any AWS experienceknowledge preferred Languages

Java ndash Must have mid-level experience Shell (Bash for linuxunix OS) SQL for DataBase related tasks Optionallesser importance

Python, C, JavaScript, Scala Tools

LoadRunner JMeter Performance Center Selenium Gatling (Plus)

Monitoring Tools Splunk Dynatrace


If the resource can setup and run a distributed load test with JMeter using DockerKubernetes, this would be a huge plus Docker Kubernetes Selenium,LoadRunner,Hadoop,Docker,AWS,Azure,Engineering,shell, Kubernetes, COM, SQL, Jmeter, linux, Unix,Java,Python,JavaScript

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