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Cloud Database Administrator

Credence Management Solutions - Tysons Corner, VA

Posted 18 days ago

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Job Description

Overview Credence Management Solutions, LLC (Credence) is seeking a Cloud Database Administrator who will assist in the technical solution, installation configuration development implementation, and administration of Cloud based database solution, including homogenous and heterogenous database migration from on-prem to cloud.

As a Cloud Database AdministratorEngineer, you will deliver products and services defined throughout the life cycle of the project and support customers to meet their business goals.

Responsibilities Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the duties listed below Manage the Database solution design, development, testing, and production deployment.

Perform common database administrationmaintenance taskssuch database backups, replication, partitioning, indexing, performance tuning, account management, audits, monitor logs and alerts.

Evaluate DB migration tasks and apply our best practice Data Migration process to plan and execute database migration to cloud.

Support databases in cloud both cloud provider managed and self-managed.

Design, develop, build, analyze, evaluate, and install database management systems.

Develop, implement, and optimize stored proceduresfunctions.

Perform system upgrades and improvements including hardware updates, server configuration changes, monitoring database resources, IO distribution

Analyze alternative methods to select appropriate clouddatabase technologies to support high performance and highly available database infrastructure.

Develop proof of concept to evaluate new architecturetechnology for Database.

Capacity Planning, evaluate technology components, such as software, hardware, and networking capabilities, for database management systems and application databases.

Work with IT team leads and customers to ensure their business needs are metList responsibilities.


Minimum Qualifications Must have active DoD Secret level security clearance.5+ years of IT experience with 1+ years working with AWS Cloud technology.2+ years of experience designing, developing, and managing enterprise-level oracle databases.

Experience performing database analysis, architecture, and application development.

Must understand the Oracle database architecture.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address mission critical production database issue.

Excellent communication and organization skills with ability to operate in a lean, fast-paced organization.

Hands-on experience working with AWS.

Considerable knowledge of different database management systems, query tools, database schemas, and distributed systems.

Experience with full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including analysis, design, coding, testing, and promotion into production.

Strong experience with SQL and PLSQL.

Must understand Disaster Recovery tools features like Replication, Data Guard, Golden Gate, or similar tools.

Experienced in installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and upgrading Oracle databases.

Ability to writemodify Unix shell scripts.

Preferred Qualifications Certifications in Amazon Web Service is preferred Hands-on experience with AWS Data Migration Service Experience with Public Cloud Migrations and Transformations

Extensive knowledge of different database technologies Experience with high availability distributed infrastructure Technical understanding of the architecture, and services being used in an AWS Cloud Proficiency with OEM, Data Guard, RMAN, RAC and Golden Gate

Experience working in an Agile environment Knowledge of writing and tuning database stored proceduresfunctionsviewsSQL Jobs Minimum Education Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, IT or related field

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