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Digital Content Services Technician

Discovery - Sterling, VA

Posted 7 days ago

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Job Description


Digital Content Services Technician


1. Perform technical review and database entry of digital content

2. Utilize Media Asset Management system to update metadata and provide reporting as needed

3. Audio/Video fault and issue tracking and follow up

4. Input/Validate accurate information into Scheduling module

5. Monitor internal systems for incoming media requests, including but not limited to standards conversion, file creation, content management and distribution

6. Negotiate, prioritize and manage client expectations for delivery timelines

7. Coordinate with internal and external Discovery clients to confirm specific technical requirements

8. Knowledge of related standard operation procedures and company policies

9. Initiate and troubleshoot media creation workflows


* Must possess excellent organization skills, good verbal and written communication skills and proficient in computer usage.

* Must have a thorough understanding of professional/broadcast HD and SD signal standards

* Must have a thorough understanding of video resolution, and audio formatting

* Must have basic understanding of Media files including: file formats, codecs, file size and storage

* Must have demonstrated experience dealing with immediate deadlines that require problem solving and ?on the fly? critical analysis

* Must be self-motivated, highly organized, detail oriented, and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines in a team environment

* Able to work independently and within a team

* Must maintain professional attitude, demeanor and relationship with DCI management, co-workers and staff at all times.

* This position is considered an essential position. This means that during times of inclement weather, emergencies, or when access to the workplace may be impeded, that employees in this position are expected to report to work to support business continuance, unless otherwise instructed by his/her direct manager.

* Must have the legal right to work

Preferred Requirements

* Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts or Radio/TV/Film preferred

* 2 to 3 years experience with various encoding processes, editing and signal routing in a broadcast/post production environment is highly desirable.

* Experience with Avid, Final Cut and Adobe Creative Suite

* Experience with media file transfer and sharing workflows

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