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Respiratory Therapist

Iliff Nursing & Rehab - Dunn Loring, VA

Posted 11 days ago

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Job Description


Summary: To provide accurate patient evaluation, testing, diagnostics and monitoring under medical direction to assure quality patient care in compliance with State of Licensure Respiratory Care Act, and Department Policy and Procedures.Environment:Work will be performed primarily indoors at one of our long-term healthcare facilities, throughout all areas, including in resident rooms, and on carpeted and/or tiled floors. Work will be performed there routinely around other co-workers, healthcare staff, residents, and guests. Due to the nature of facility's business, worker may be exposed to occasional slippery floors, object on floors, chemicals, sharp objects, hazardous materials and waste (including human), blood borne pathogens, and communicable diseases, as well as high-stress medical and/or life-threatening situations.


  • Ability to recognize and understand diseases process as well as the psychological and physiological aspects and needs of the patients and families we service
  • Perform respiratory care assessment of patients in an accurate, thorough, and timely manner to assure the delivery of effective therapy. Monitor patients rehabilitation goals for appropriateness and consistency of therapy.
  • Provide ongoing care to patients requiring oxygen therapy, artificial airway management, mechanical ventilation and weaning, among others, according to N.B.R.C., AARC, and department policy and procedure.
  • Perform diagnostic procedures in accordance with physician orders such as, sputum collection and arterial blood gases following N.B.R.C. safety standards and department policy and procedure
  • Perform physician rounds when they are in the facility and update orders accordingly in the respiratory care daily assignment record
  • Consistently and accurately document in the patient medical records in compliance with department daily documentation records.
  • Administer respiratory related medication to the tracheobronchial tree according to physician orders, N.B.R.C., AARC standards, and department policy and procedures.
  • Accurately document in the medication administration records (MARS) the administration of medication according to physicians orders.


  • Graduate of an American Medical Association (AMA) approved Respiratory Therapy Program, NBRC and state license credential.
  • Most be competent in the clinical performance, analysis and understanding of diagnostic procedures.
  • Ability to recognize and understand diseases process as well as the psychological and physiological aspects and needs of the patients and families we service.
  • Requires handling of average-weight objects up to twenty-five (25) pounds.
  • Standing and/or walking for more than four (4) hours per day.


Dunn Loring , VA

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