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Senior Java Developer

Innovalus Technologies - Rockville, MD

Posted a month ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

QUALIFICATIONS middot Experience in design and development of Java and

J2EE based web applications using Java frameworks is required.middot Experience in UI framework tools and technologies is required.middot Experience in designing systems based on Service Oriented Architecture principles.

Knowledge of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and developingprovisioning micro services.middot Working knowledge and experience implementing SAML specification and openSSO library-based authentication services.middot Developing Securing web services using o-Auth or other token-based mechanisms.middot Experience in web browser secure session cookie management.

EXPERIENCE10+ years of recent experience with the following technologies is required middot JAVA J2EEmiddot Struts 2 Angular 2+ React js

Node js middot Spring 3.0, EJB 3, Hibernate middot HTML 5, Javascript, JQuery, JSON, CSS middot Oracle Weblogic, Apache HTTP 3-4 years of experience with the following technologiesmiddot Oracle Database, SQL PLSQLmiddot SOAP REST, XML, XSD, XLST, WSDL, JAX-WSCXF middot

Maven Antmiddot JUnit JMock Selenium C EDUCATION


Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field preferred

Sun Oracle Certified Java Programmer desirable

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