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Travel RN - ER - Up to $3308/week

Kamana - Dunn Loring, VA

Posted 6 days ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

Kamana is currently looking to fill multiple ER RN positions in the Falls Church, Virginia area. Up to $3,308/week!

  • Job Type: Travel Contract
  • Profession: Registered Nurse
  • Specialty: ER
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 2
  • Start Date: Flexible
  • Contract Len h: 13 Weeks
  • Shift: TBD
  • Hours per week: 36
  • Gross Pay (weekly): Up to $3,3085/week (This is an estimated pay package. Individual healthcare professional requirements such as travel may impact final pay package amounts).

Create your universal job profile for travel nurses on Kamana to get matched with openings that fit your skills and interests. We also have other travel nursing opportunities available across all 50 states. Once you create your free Kamana profile youll be able to discover, apply, and onboard for thousands of travel nursing and per diem nursing jobs nationwide, without having to repeat paperwork for each job individually. Join 70k+ other healthcare professionals that are getting to work faster through Kamana.

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