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Cloud Architect

LanceSoft - Reston, VA

Posted 6 days ago

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Job Description

As a Cloud Architect, within the Technology group, you will plan, architect, implement and standardize various aspects of the organizations cloud solutions, in support of various product and service offerings.

You will focus on forward looking technology innovation and strategy for application and data architecture, as a core contributor of the organizations Cloud Transformation initiative.

You will take ownership of conceptualizing, developing, standardizing, and driving the adoption of various cloud-based application and data management patterns across the various product and application delivery teams.

In this context, you would have to be prepared to take on various roles - hands on, as well assupervisory.

Responsibilities of the role

The Cloud Architect will maintain awareness and knowledge of the emerging trends in technology, and its usage within the industry, and will apply this learning in the establishment of new and innovative technology strategies to support business needs.

The architect will also establish related practices, standards, and guidelines and will provide architectural oversight and adoption support to solution delivery teams.

The Cloud Architect will provide consulting and advisory services to product and application teams, operations, and engineering teams to ensure that technical solutions are aligned with the technology strategy and enterprise architecture direction.

This involvement would span the entire spectrum of the development cycle for the solution delivery of IT initiatives, including determination of technical requirements, analysis, architecture and design, implementation, and strategies for operational support.

Succeeding as a Cloud Architect will require in-depth technical knowledge, experience and skills, necessary when building solutions to support a single technology or line of business, as well as breadth of knowledge in multiple technology areas, necessary when building and integrating solutions across multiple technologies and lines of business, in an enterprise environment.

In addition, successful candidates will be innovative thinkers and passionate in their pursuit of world class technology enabled business solutions.

They will also be strong leaders, skilled communicators, and active partners, adept in interpreting and understanding the needs of the enterprise while translating those needs into technology architectures and solutions that are enduring and of highquality.

A typical day in the Technology Strategy group involves working across the organization to set the stage for delivery of business solutions, incorporating cloud-based solutions integrated with current application needs and set the future vision for IT.

This is an opportunity for you to design and implement high-quality solutions that enable product and service delivery in support of the***s mission, strategy, goals, and objectives.

You'll be surrounded by people who are like you; wickedly smart, passionate about the cloud, and know that the work that they are doing today supports the next generation of thought leaders and their future.

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