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Senior DevOps Engineer

Ntrepid Corporation - Herndon, VA

Posted 12 days ago

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Job Description


We are an award-winning cybersecurity firm, where natural curiosity, desire to learn, and creative solutions in technology are highly celebrated.We are seeking an accomplished DevOps engineer to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible in developing a secure online platform. You will work within a new team that is responsible for taking ideas from R&D and developing a formal product.The ideal candidate is a T-shaped professional with a track record of taking concepts and prototypes and creating user-pleasing products.


  • Collaborate with teams across the company to identify and develop technology in early development stages that apply to customer needs.
  • Work within a cross-disciplinary team in multiple different technology areas to help move the whole team forward.
  • Synthesize and organize disparate product ideas and customer requests into a single product vision.
  • Automate the development and deployment of a suite of cutting-edge product features using GitOps and SecDevOps practices.


  • U.S. Citizenship required.
  • Bachelors or higher in computer science, electrical engineering, math, physics, or equivalent, Masters preferred.
  • 7 years of experience developing automation tools for deployment, development, and operational tasks.
  • Experience going using agile methodologies and practices with source control (e.g. git) and issue tracking software (e.g. Jira).
  • Experience using configuration management software like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet.
  • Experience deploying applications and systems in the cloud (AWS or Azure), as well as on-premise hypervisors (VMware or KVM).
  • Experience understanding and securing networks and systems and applying best practices.
  • Strong cloud, systems, and VPN networking background is highly desirable.
  • Experience setting up and deploying services into a Kubernetes cluster is a plus.
  • Experience working in Linux and Windows mixed environments is a plus.
  • Experience developing using a continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) framework is a plus.

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