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M365 Engineer (Security)

NVR - Reston, VA

Posted 5 days ago

3 people have applied

Job Description

The candidate will work on a newly formed team to help the company truly integrate M365 at an enterprise level.

The company wants to expand their M365 platform so they can designbuilddeliver scalable solutions.

This person will focus on the security suite and will help to design and build and make technical recommendations in conjunction with the security and compliance teams.

Powershell scripting

Relevant Microsoft M365 Certifications Bacheloraposs Degree8+ years of systems administrationengineering experience, 4+ within M365

At least 1 year working with the M365 Security Suite that includes knowledge of as many of the following Conditional Access, Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Windows Defender ATP, Compliance Center, Insider Threat Management, MCAS, DLP ATP, AIP, EOP, MFA, PIM

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