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Director of Customer Success

PRS - Falls Church, VA

Posted 5 days ago

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Job Description

Our client is looking to augment their team with an experienced Director of Customer Service to assist in the implementation and support of Companys GovCon ERP solutions.

Preference is for Candidate to live in the Washin on DC Metropolitan area (DC/Maryland/Virginia).

Preferred Requirements:7+ years of experience with Customers in ERP implementations5+ years of experience in client-facing roles; consulting or working with Government Contracting agencies (GovCon)

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting related, or equivalent experience preferred

Current/previous roles in Customer Service (CSM), Account Management, Professional Services, Account Management, Sales, etc.

Experience working across functional and technical teams to deliver ERP solutions

Effective written and oral communication with multiple levels of leadership

Experience navigating and steering customer engagements to completion with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Experience coordinating between teams/customers to meet unique customer requirements

Excellent customer service and relationship development skills, Time management and organization skills, Enthusiasm for challenges and strong work ethic


Work closely with sales, marketing, professional services, product management, customer care, and customers to assess customer satisfaction / risk, identify opportunities, and recommend a plan of action.

Work with all stakeholders to scope work, identify appropriate resources, track and report progress, communicate with customers.

Internal voice of the customer for support and future product releases.

Provide expertise on Companys products, highlighting key features/functionality allowing the customer to achieve their objectives.

Evangelize on behalf of Companys products and influence customers at an executive level to allocate the appropriate resources to achieve their goals.

Accelerate customer adoption through education and engagement

Assist customers in identifying use cases for priority adoption of Companys products as well asbest practice implementations

Develop a trusted advisor relationship with customers to ensure Company releases and actions are closely aligned with the customers business goals and strategy

Travel moderately as necessary

All resumes will be considered but due to applicant volume it will only be possible to contact best-fit candidates.

For immediate consideration, please include your compensation history/requirements and reference job code mprs703dcsdc Director of Customer Success.

Rob Shurack* PRS * mcareers* 954/252/0149

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