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Software Developer

RCT-Systems - Reston, VA

Posted 10 days ago

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Job Description

RCT Systems is seeking to hirea Web Developer.

Come be a part of a dynamic team that will:

  • Ingest, monitor, and maintain common data layer and creating efficient data structures to support data science activities
  • Work closely with members of the data services team, as well as with a dev-ops team, which together are responsible for delivering and maintaining a dynamic data science prototyping environment that provides users with compute resources and shared services, tools, and data.
  • Create data ingestion workflows to populate a common data layer with a standard formatted data product.
  • Create and maintain a common data ingestion framework that is used to streamline the addition of new data sets to the common data layer.
  • Monitor and maintain data ingestion workflows to ensure that data continues to flow into the system on a reliable basis.
  • Create efficient data structures that can be used to streamline access to common mission and analytical functions.
  • Provide technical support to data scientists and other users of the environment; apply knowledge gained from interaction with users to improve and advance the analytic environment by engaging with the environment dev-ops team to ensure evolving needs/capabilities are being captured and developed.



  • Experience with Java programming, Bash scripting, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark
  • Understanding of the Linux computing environment
  • Experience with AWS, Amazon services, Relational database technologies to include SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Working with Code repositories, build/deployment, and ETL pipelines
  • Experience using Jenkins, Git, NiFi, Docker, Apache Avro, S3, and Amazon EC2

Clearance Required:

Must have an active TS/SCI with poly.

RCT Systemsis an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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