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Geospatial Software Engineer - FS Poly - 200K+

Stanley Reid & Company - Herndon, VA

Posted 15 days ago

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Job Description

Our client's team integrates hundreds of classified and open source data sources into a Geospatial Data Analysis platform used throughout the Intelligence Community.

Their tool and dataset is widely-recognized as the leading platform for geospatial analysis across the Intel Community, touching nearly every type of mission - counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and many more.

Top government officials use analysis from this platform to make daily decisions that have global impact.

The platform is constructed of 3rd party tools and custom applications, and new data sources are constantly being added.

The tech stack includes Esri, ArcGIS, Google Earth, Python, Java, web services (REST), Tomcat, Vue.js, Postgres, NiFi, lots and lots of AWS (including RDS and S3), and more.

The customer is excellent to work for.

There is a healthy mix of customer-driven requirements and team-driven ideas / innovation: engineers typically have freedom in choosing how to do things.

Customer leadership also helps drive innovation and has created a close, collaborative idea exchange between staffers and contractors.

Our client's lead has said "this is simply the best group of people I've worked with".

Despite this platform being widely used, there is a huge amount of brand new work adding new capabilities and data sources, as well as migrating more and more of the subsystems to AWS- you can get in on the ground level of AWS migration and new development.

There are opportunities on this team for Fullstack Java / JavaScript Software Engineers, Python Developers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, AWS Infrastructure Engineers, and Cloud Migration Engineers.

Work locations are McLean, VA and Herndon, VA.

All roles require a current TS/SCI + FS Poly clearance.

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