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J Rules Developer

Systems Engineering Solutions Corporation - Chantilly, VA

Posted a month ago

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Job Description

Years of Experience 10 Education Requirements Bachelor8217s degree in computer science, electronics engineering, or other engineering or technical discipline is required.

Program Description Create an end-to-end management perspective to ensure proper compliance and oversight of GI Bill programs, and the use of data and business intelligence to monitor and measure school and student outcomes.

Requirements Required Skills J2EE developer with experience ORM platforms (Hibernate, etc.), Continuous integration, Web services (REST and SOAP8211 building and implementing), XMLJSON messaging, Queues (JMS, RabbitMQ, etc.), Rules engine experience.

Web Services, XML, DB (Oracle or other), UnixLinux.2 years jRules or Drools implementation and automated test experience2 years reviewing current jRules IBM ODM or Drools, or equivalent tool set 8.X version, Java, Minimum of 6 years of Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) experience

Minimum of 4 years of Java experience Must be able to present effectively to leadership Work independently to review current IBM ODM jRules implementation and automated test scenarios in current system

Experience wmodern agile development skills, source code control,unit testing Demonstrated ability to manage customer relationships Bachelors8217 degree in a technical field or + 8 years of experience Experience in customer relationship management

Experience in conducting analysis and writing reports Must be able to obtain a Public Trust clearance Oracle (SQL - PLSQL).

Development in Decision Table, Decision Tree, Action Rule (BRL), Technical Rule, Rule Flows, BOM and XOM, Synthetic Class, Function Task, Rule Task in in jRules WODM ODM.

Preferred Skills Previous experience with VA and working on VA legacy systems for Education Service OpenRules


ILogs IBM - ODM Soft Skills

Organizational Skills Can plan and prioritize work.

Follows tasks to their logical conclusion and makes sure that everything has been done to the right standard.

Good attention to detail.

Team Work Able to enthuse and maintain project interest.

Comfortable working both individually and as part of a team.

Prepared to challenge ideas within a group in a constructive way.

Communications Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to team members and clients, verbally and in writing.

Able to present ideas in a variety of ways depending upon audience and context.

Excellent active listening skills.

Quantitative Management Ability to determine process measures and track to determine process effectiveness and efficiency.

Problem Solving Ability to analyze problems and determine root cause, generating alternatives, evaluating and selecting alternatives and implementing solutions.

Results oriented Able to drive things forward regardless of personal interest in the task.


SES provides a competitive salary and the following benefits Medical Dental Vision



LTD Company paid Life Insurance 401k with employer contribution

Paid Time Off

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