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Restaurant Manager - Wren Restaurant

The Watermark Hotel - Tysons, VA

Posted a month ago

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Job Description


Wren is inspired by the Japanese concept of izakaya, Wren is a space for guests to comfortably gather and connect while sharing good food, drink and companionship. To complete the experience, bartenders serve meticulously curated cocktails and locally crafted beer and wine.

At Wren, the emphasis above all else, is placed on the experience. It is the heart of The Watermark Hotel, impossible to miss as you enter the expansive 11th floor lobby.

The cuisine, Japanese-inspired tapas created by Chef Yo Matsuzaki, are artistic yet approachable. The cocktails are fastidiously hand-crafted and further elevated by crafting as many items inhouse as possible. Apply today to learn more...

This position is responsible for ensuring t he restaurant, lounge, meeting space operates effectively, including adherence to all health regulations. Uses leadership skills to drive revenue, maximize profit and ensure quality. Manages assigned staff/departments to ensure achievement of overall financial results, guest satisfaction and positive associate relations.


  • Effective Operation of Restaurant/Outlets: Leads the staff to restaurant and all outlets operate efficiently and business goals are achieved. Attends appropriate meetings and communicates effectively with all responsible staff to ensure guest and associate needs are met.
  • Guest Service: Accountable for guest satisfaction by ensuring food and beverage service standards are met and guest needs are responded to in a timely manner. Resolves guest complaints in courteous and friendly manner, focusing on service recovery when applicable. Works side by side with staff to train and model appropriate guest service standards.
  • People Management and Development: Responsible for interviewing, hiring, coaching, and development of all associates. Evaluates staff performance and takes appropriate corrective action as needed to hold associates accountable. Motivates staff by setting goals, providing ongoing feedback, and rewarding/recognizing associates. Responsible for training all associates and ensuring training records are maintained. Analyzes quality issues, identifies training needs and ensures implementation to improve results. Utilizes available resources and adheres to B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group training policies. Ensures all company, brand, and department specific training requirements are met.
  • Financial Expectations: Accountable for achieving business revenue goals by developing and implementing service programs. Responsible for building and maintaining client relationships to drive repeat business/customer referrals. Uses expertise to develop and implement changes to restaurant/outlets based on sales and guest comments. Responsible for operating within a set budget and managing of expenses to achieve and maximize profit expectations. Responsible for effective labor management through proper scheduling, monitoring, and adjusting based on business needs and the departmental budget. Follows B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group procurement guidelines and applies good business judgment. Manages and maintains company assets to stay within budget guidelines.
  • Safety/Risk Management: Conducts routine inspections of restaurant/outlets to maintain quality food and beverage standards per B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group, brand, local, state and federal regulations. Ensures a clean and safe work environment, and follows all B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group procedures for guest/team member incidents.
  • Self/Workload Management: Responsible for effective self/workload management. Demonstrates clear written and verbal communication skills. Promotes collaboration and positive, professional work environment. Attends all daily, weekly and/or monthly department/hotel meetings to ensure proper communication/planning occurs. Adheres to all B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group Standard Operating Procedures.


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