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Software Engineer

ThisWay - Gaithersburg, MD

Posted 14 days ago

$1.00 - $25.00 per hour

Work From Home

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Job Description

We are interested in speaking with diverse men and women that will with our group of talented and motivated professionals to help improve and shape the consumer fraud protection industry.

This job is open to all Mid-Tier Software Developers wanting to work in in Gaithersburg, Maryland, as part of a team of database and application development professionals.

This work involves development and maintenance of various enterprise systems for data collection from various channels, data enrichment, ETL, efficient search, information retrieval and analytical systems.

You will play a significant role in implementing, adopting and evaluating technologies developed both in-house and by others.

We also analyze and report on consumer data frequent basis by dissecting and surfacing critical, new insights to data analysts and stakeholders.

It is important that all team members are flexible and able to contribute outside of their primary expertise, so we are looking for someone who will be open to multiple responsibilities.


Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or other science discipline
  • 3+ years of full-time professional experience in Java/J2EE softwaredevelopment
  • Experience developing and consuming
    SOAP, REST web services, data contract with JSON,

  • Understand and apply quality techniques and practices (automated unit testing, Test Driven Design/Development, continuous integration)
  • Working knowledge of typical development tools in both Windows and Linux environments
  • Maintain and operate the deployed code, come up with performance monitors, tuning and improvements.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a Public Trust clearance
  • Java/J2EE architectural styles and patterns(SOA, Microservices etc.)
  • Design, develop and deliver software components for production systems in agile sprint schedule.


  • Experience in enterprise search application development with Apache Solr, Elastic Search, or Cloudera Search platform
  • Experience with event based, message queues, data streaming such as Apache Flume, Kafka, and Spark.
  • Experience in relational database programming in MS-SQL server, T-SQL, stored procedures and functions.
  • Knowledge and exposure in Scala, Python functional programming skills, Map-Reduce distributed programming skills on Hadoop platform.
  • Ability to handle large volume of data, cleansing, enrichment techniques,
    NLP processing.
  • Basic experience with data visualization using Python, Tableau or PowerBI.
  • Experience in open source development and knowledge of Maven, Git, JIRA, Jmeter and Jenkins.
  • Ability to write shell scripts, automation, basic administration, scheduling of jobs in Linux environment.
  • Strong desire to learn and continuous advancement in Search, Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning technologies and applying in the software development.
  • Experience developing user interfaces and web pages
  • Must be detail oriented, multi-tasking with good follow through skills


  • Accrue 3 weeks of PTO during your first year

  • Get tenpaid holidays a year

  • Access to benefits on day one including medical and dental insurance

  • The potential to work from home during COVID-19

  • Employee discounts
  • Company HSA contribution

  • Excellent 401K

Benefits Details:

Non-salary benefits as described below are available to all U.S. benefits eligible employees with minor exceptions.

Employees in an "alternative employment status" such as consulting employees may be eligible for coverage but may not have access to the full suite of benefits.


We structure our salaries to be competitive for the region, market conditions, hardship, and hazards.

We also:

  • Reward your contributions to the company and our customers' mission.
  • Recognize and reward notable advances for your profession, the company, and your customers.
  • Ensure fairness, comply with applicable federal, state, and international laws, and meet applicable audit entities' standards.

Health & Wellness

Comprehensive health coverage, health and wellness programs are designed to keep you and your family healthy.

  • Medical insurance plans cover you and your eligible family members, including registered domestic partners, through national HSA-compatible consumer-directed health plans or regional HMOswhere available.
  • Health Savings Accounts are available in conjunction with our HSA-eligible consumer-directed health plans.
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is available to those that are enrolled in a non-HSA compatible medical plan and those that waive medical coverage.
    FSAs let you set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible medical, dental, vision, mental health, andpharmacy expenses.
  • Dental insurance options include a national PPO plan and regional dental HMO plans.
  • Vision coverage is provided by a national insurer.
  • Mission for Life wellness program designed to help you reach your goals through personally tailored health information and behavior change support.
    A confidential well-being assessment and online tools will help youmanage:
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Fitness goals
    • Stress relief
    • Smoking cessation
    • Financial wellness
    • Mental Health and mindfulness
  • 24/7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential assessments and referrals to help deal with personal issues that could affect your health, family, or job performance.

Income Protection

Benefits should provide peace of mind, support you and your family, and help you successfully navigate life events.

We took all these factors into account when we developed our income protection.

  • Company-provided Term Basic Life insurance is provided equal to your annual base salary, up to $1 million while eligible dependents are covered at $2,000 each.
  • Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance can be purchased in increments of 1x to 8x annual base salary, up to $4 million.
    GUL also features a Cash Accumulation Fund (CAF) that allows you to earn interest on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Optional Dependent Life insurance can be purchased on an after-tax basis.
    • Spouse or domestic partnercoverage
    • Child coverage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is provided equal to your annual base salary, up to $250,000.
    You can also purchase supplemental AD&D coverage in increments of 1x annual base salary to 10x annual base salary, up to $1,000,000.
  • Business travel accident insurance (BTA) is provided equal to three times your annual base salary, up to $500,000.
    CEs are covered by our BTA policy, but they get a flat 300k (reduced by 35% at age 70)
  • A Disability benefit that may include:
    • Disability sickleave
    • Voluntary short-term disability insurance plan
    • Private California short-term disabilityinsurance
    • Other state-mandated short-term disability plans, where applicable
    • Voluntary long-term disability insurance


Time off is as important to your professional productivity as it is to your personal well-being.

We offer several types of leave that together total the time you need to live your life outside the office.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

As an eligible employee, you'll be able to accrue paid time off for vacations, personal business, and short-term illness.

You can also borrow up to 40 hours of PTO before you accrue it, with your manager's approval.

Paid Parental Leave

Eligible employees may take the lesser of ten (10) days or two (2) weeks of paid parental leave.


Most employees get ten paid holidays each year, three floating holidays* to be used at your discretion and these seven fixed holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day


Holidays may vary based on contractual requirements.

*Floating holidays are prorated based on date of hire

Military Reservist Leave

As a military reservist you'll receive 2 weeks, equivalent to 10 working days, pay differential during each fiscal year.

If you're called up for a national emergency or requested for active duty, we'll provide you the flexibility to serve when and where you're needed.

Jury Duty

You'll receive full pay when you serve juryduty.

Bereavement Leave

You'll receive up to three days off, fully paid, due to the death of a close family member.


Employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) Retirement Plan.

Company match is determined by the employee's fringe benefit package

  • A 100 percent company match on your pre-tax and or Roth after-tax contributions, up to 5 percent of your salary.
  • Vesting of company contributions over three years of service.
  • Pre-tax, Roth after-tax, and/or traditional after-tax contributions areallowed.
  • Immediate eligibility for company contributions.
  • Both passive and active investment options with a wide selection of funds.
  • Investment advice from Vanguard Advice Services.

Financial Wellness

We believe that financial wellness is an important part of a person's overall health and wellness.

Therefore, we are pleased to offer a complimentary suite of programs to meet the varying needs of employees.

Programs are dedicated to helping you with improving or maintaining your overall financial wellness by offering educational seminars, webinars, one-on-one coaching, and tools such as the Student Loan Assistance tool.

Programs are designed to help you with your financial goals such as budgeting, managing credit card debt, paying off student loans, retirement readiness and more.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) offers a convenient way for employees to purchase Common Stock at a discount.

  • A 10 percent discount for all enrollees.
  • Available to active full-time, part-time and consulting employees in the US, UK and Australia.
  • No required service or waiting period.
  • Elect 1 to 10 percent of your eligible compensation (base pay, bonus, holiday and overtime pay).

Family Benefits

Understanding the inherent challenges of balancing work and family responsibilities, we offer benefits to make family life a little easier:

  • Center-based and In-Home back-up childcare, for kids 6 weeks to 12 years old (depending on the center), is available at Bright Horizons centers throughout the U.S. Benefits-eligible employees can take advantage of this benefit up to 20 days per child, per year.
    The cost of center-based care is only $25 for the first child and $15 for each additional child per day.
    For In-Home care, the cost is $6 per hour for up to three children.
  • Free access to Sittercity - a database of local caregivers, an online senior care referral tool, and petcare.
    Use the Sittercity caregiver database to find:
    • Babysitters
    • Nannies
    • Senior Care Resources
    • Pet Care
  • Dependent (Daycare) Flexible Spending Accounts let you set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible childcare expenses.

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