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Prep Cook

True Food Kitchen - Fairfax, VA

Posted 10 days ago

$16.00 per hour

3 people have applied

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VA - TFK Fairfax - Fairfax





Education Level

Not Specified

Salary Range

$16.00 - $16.00


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Job Category

Restaurant - Food Service

Grow with us!


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What you will be doing!

At True

Food Kitchen we pride ourselves on serving great food!

This means that we rely on our prep cooks to consistently and efficiently prepare and portion our food products, beautifully plate and garnishes dishes, and ensure that our food is ready to be served to our guests.

Many items on our menu are seasonal which gives our prep cooks a variety of recipes to prepare as we rotate throughout the year.

We look for people who have:

  • Experience in kitchen preparation would be beneficial
  • The flexibility and availability to work nights, holidays and/or weekends should be doable
  • A love of making great food!

What you can look forward to!

Base Pay Rate of $15 - $22 / hour (location and experience dependent)

  • We have a successful and professional work environment with opportunities for growth and a development program to get you to that next position in your career.
  • AM/PM and Mid-day shifts available
  • Part time to 40 hours available per person
  • Part-time employees are offered access to affordable, quality health care through Hooray
  • Fun work environment with fun,casual uniforms
  • Competitive $$$
  • Family meals and restaurant dining discount
  • Flexible scheduling with ability to easily switch shifts

Who We Are

Working at True Food Kitchen is unlike anything else you've experienced before.

Since our menu is a journey into a new way of eating, those who prepare, present and serve the food are key to telling our story.

Our family of chefs, managers, cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, dishwashers and more are the key ingredients to our growth and success.

Join our growing teamand we'll show you how passionate we are about making your career goals come TRUE.

Just like our menus, we look for people that are vibrant, true, fun, and creative with colorful personalities.

We are seeking smart people on the leading edge of the restaurant industry that is changing the way people think about and experience healthy eating.

We'd love to meet you in person.

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