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Staff Software Development Engineer

Viavi Solutions - Germantown, MD

Posted 24 days ago

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Job Description

VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) has a 90+ year history of technical innovations that have evolved to keep pace and address our customers most pressing business issues. We make equipment, software, and systems that help to plan, deploy, certify, monitor, and optimize all kinds of networks - like those for mobile phones, service providers, large businesses and data centers. VIAVI is also a leader in high performance thin film optical coatings and engineered diffusers, providing light management solutions to anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, automotive, defense and instrumentation markets.

We are the people behind the products that help keep the world connected at home, school, work, at play, and everywhere in between. VIAVI employees are fierce about supporting customer success and we welcome people who bring their best every day to the company - to question, to collaborate and to push for solutions that will delight our customers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Works together with Engineering and Marketing teams to clarify product features and define functional requirements and acceptance tests
  • Contributes as agile team member to architecture, design, development and test
  • Solves complex issues using in-depth analysis of variable factors
  • Participates in current and new development, innovation and strategic initiatives
  • Scope, priority and risk management
  • Adherence to standards and defined processes

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