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Director of Training

XCAL - Ashburn, VA

Posted 10 days ago

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Job Description

Director of Training - Firearms

Position Summary

The Director of Training is responsible for managing the Firearms Training Department within XCAL Shooting Sports to include creating training programs and curriculum, program management and implementation, coaching and developing instructors, coordinating personnel and class schedules, and attaining sales targets. XCAL Shooting Sports is highly focused on customized firearm training that meets our member's needs based on their experience and proficiency. The Director of Training is expected to increase member participation in XCAL's training programs and continually improving the training curriculum.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create, design, and implement the XCAL Firearms Training curriculum and schedule.
  • Develops Course of Fire for all class qualifications.
  • Manage instructors' schedules and coordinate client placement.
  • Coach, train, and develop instructors and ensures all instructors remain current with all training certifications.
  • Develop and plan employee training to further continuing education.
  • Maintains historical records, logs, and schedules in order to document training.
  • Responsible for developing the Range Safety Briefing and ensures the brief is delivered and documented for each individual range user prior to live-fire operations.
  • Perform skills assessments with potential clients to determine current skill level.
  • Promote the sale of one-on-one and group firearm training.
  • Perform outreach to schedule appointments with potential clients and maximize member engagement.
  • Personally instruct 1 on 1 and group firearm training.

Position Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • 2 years management experience
  • 2 years sales experience
  • Firearms instructor certification

Preferred Requirements

  • College Degree
  • Military or Law Enforcement experience

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