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What is it like working in Manufacturing?

A career in manufacturing allows you to learn valuable, transferable skills within an industry that is currently at the forefront of innovation and change.  The tools and machines are used to make everything from cars and trucks to computers and televisions, manufacturing is the cornerstone of everyday life.

There are numerous roles and career opportunities within manufacturing, with one of the most integral being the role of a fitter.  Fitters assemble the parts that flow into the finished product, from the assembly line to the factory floor.  Being a fitter you have to adapt ...

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Driver (41,994 Jobs)

CDL (38,760 Jobs)

Truck Driver (22,148 Jobs)

Delivery Driver (8,233 Jobs)

Warehouse Associate (4,155 Jobs)

Warehouse Worker (3,142 Jobs)

Warehouse Operator (1,084 Jobs)

Service Manager (992 Jobs)

Test Engineer (914 Jobs)

Warehouse Assistant (611 Jobs)

Distribution (589 Jobs)

Shipping (399 Jobs)

Coach (370 Jobs)

Quality Manager (329 Jobs)

Warehouse Supervisor (257 Jobs)

Quality Control (208 Jobs)

Machine Operator (173 Jobs)

Service Engineer (165 Jobs)

Manufacturing Engineer (159 Jobs)

Warehouse Manager (151 Jobs)

Delivery Manager (142 Jobs)

Logistics Manager (135 Jobs)

Machinist (134 Jobs)

Forklift Driver (131 Jobs)

Automotive Technician (120 Jobs)

Production Supervisor (114 Jobs)

Welder (100 Jobs)

Quality Inspector (61 Jobs)

Bus Driver (58 Jobs)

Pilot (56 Jobs)

Baker (55 Jobs)

Manufacturing Manager (53 Jobs)

Food Production (48 Jobs)

CNC Machinist (47 Jobs)

Avionics Engineer (46 Jobs)

Logistics Coordinator (46 Jobs)

Quality Assurance Specialist (43 Jobs)

Logistics Supervisor (42 Jobs)

Manufacturing Technician (41 Jobs)

Avionics Technician (35 Jobs)

CNC Machine Operator (32 Jobs)

Distribution Manager (32 Jobs)

Master Scheduler (32 Jobs)

Quality Control Inspector (30 Jobs)

Process Technician (24 Jobs)

Mechanical Technician (23 Jobs)

Production Planner (21 Jobs)

Manufacturing Supervisor (19 Jobs)

Print Production (17 Jobs)

Operative (17 Jobs)

Quality Technician (16 Jobs)

Traffic Management (15 Jobs)

CNC Programmer (15 Jobs)

Warehouse Team Leader (14 Jobs)

Cherry Picker (13 Jobs)

Import Export (13 Jobs)

Bakery Manager (12 Jobs)

CNC Operator (12 Jobs)

Service Team Manager (11 Jobs)

Traffic Engineer (11 Jobs)

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