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Working as a Cook

A chef / cook prepares and cooks a wide range of foods for consumption, including soups, salads, starters and desserts. Chef can work in the kitchen of a large restaurant, such as a restaurant, or a hotel in Los Angeles or within schools, hospitals, nursing homes and in kitchens within large workplaces to feed the staff.

The responsibilities of a chef vary according to the type of service offered, the size of the restaurant / hotel / organisation and the number of employees. However, when handling foodstu...

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Cook (946 Jobs)

Porter (458 Jobs)

Restaurant General Manager (318 Jobs)

Chef (236 Jobs)

Concierge (144 Jobs)

Prep Cook (101 Jobs)

Executive Chef (69 Jobs)

Kitchen Manager (56 Jobs)

Front of House (52 Jobs)

Sous Chef (50 Jobs)

Food Production (48 Jobs)

Food Safety (35 Jobs)

Catering Manager (35 Jobs)

Hotel Manager (35 Jobs)

Hotel General Manager (34 Jobs)

Front of House Manager (29 Jobs)

Hospitality Manager (23 Jobs)

Chef Manager (13 Jobs)

Kitchen Staff (12 Jobs)

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