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Your salary is a fundamental aspect of your professional and personal life so take advantage of the knowledge behind the DirectlyApply salary calculator and power your salary negotiations!

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DirectlyApply ingests over 10m job listings a day to constantly update the data behind our salary calculator. We gather information across every available industry, company and position, providing a comprehensive overview of the compensation landscape across North America. Our data is collected directly from job postings, offering an insight into the current salaries that are being offered and letting you know if you're fairly compensated for your skills and experience.

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Your salary impacts your quality of life, directly affecting your ability to cover essential expenses, save for the future and achieve your financial goals. But, more than this, knowing that you are adequately compensated can boost your job satisfaction which in turn can increase motivation in both your professional and social life. You deserve to be fairly compensated for your skills and experience, so make sure you never underestimate your market worth!

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Negotiating a competitive salary is a fundamental part of your career progression. A higher starting salary should lead to increased compensation when entering into future promotion and raise negotiations. Showing an employer you know what a fair salary is can contribute to an increase in their respect and recognition of the value you bring to the role. Our salary pages are here to help you negotiate with confidence when receiving a job offer or pushing for that promotion!