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How much do Bookkeepers earn in the United States?





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The average salary for a bookkeeper is $21.62


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933 salaries reported. Updated 24 September 2021

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How much does a Bookkeeper make?

In the United States, the average pay for a bookkeeper as of September 2021 is approximately $21.50 per hour. Breaking it down, that works out to be approximately $41,925 per year and $3,494 per month, assuming you work a 40 hour work week.

Comparing Bookkeeper Salaries

DirectlyApply has seen bookkeeper salaries ranging from a high of $28.21 per hour to a low of $15.20 per hour, although we would estimate that the majority of bookkeepers currently sit between $17.44 per hour and $25.00 per hour.

To be considered a top earning bookkeeper you would be expected to be making in excess of $28.21 per hour, which would put you in the top 10%. If you are earning $17.44 per hour or lower, you would be sitting in the bottom 25 percentile.

However interestingly, the average pay range for a bookkeeper can vary significantly (by as much as $10.77 per hour) so therefore this role may allow for either increased hours or overtime, as well as opportunities for promotion and pay rises. It is therefore highly possible that you can increase your salary as you gain more experience in the role.

How does Bookkeeper pay compare across the United States?


under -7% less than national average

-4% to -7% less than national average

-1% to -4% less than national average

within 1% of national average

4% to 1% above national average

7% to 4% above national average

over 7% above national average

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