What Are the Top Job Categories and Benefits Offered in Troy, NY?

A job can offer numerous benefits that go beyond just a monthly paycheck. These perks can significantly enhance an employee's overall well-being and financial security. In Troy, NY, the most common benefit that a job offers is healthcare with 7,388 jobs available. Some other common benefits offered in Troy, NY is paid time off with 5,046 job openings, vision insurance with 4,000 job openings and pension with 3,288 job openings.

Part Time

3,943 Jobs Available

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Full Time

63,694 Jobs Available

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7,388 Jobs Available

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Paid Time Off

5,046 Jobs Available

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Vision Insurance

4,000 Jobs Available

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3,288 Jobs Available

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Popular Jobs in Troy, NY

Travel Nurse Registered

1,661 jobs from 76 hiring companies

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Registered Nurse

5,398 jobs from 32 hiring companies

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Travel CT Technologist

133 jobs from 30 hiring companies

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Travel MRI Technologist

96 jobs from 27 hiring companies

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Medical Assistant

41 jobs from 14 hiring companies

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Licensed Practical Nurse

3,144 jobs from 14 hiring companies

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Social Worker

18 jobs from 12 hiring companies

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Project Manager

21 jobs from 11 hiring companies

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Dental Assistant

20 jobs from 9 hiring companies

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Travel Physical Therapist

183 jobs from 8 hiring companies

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