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When hiring a Cashier, it's important to remember that they are the face of your business, constantly interacting with your customers, handling payments and transactions as well as dealing with any queries or complaints.  So although a Cashier position is considered an entry level role, you need to ensure you are hiring the most suitable person for the role.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Cashier to thrive in their role include being personable, reliable, trustworthy, happy to help, confident with basic maths and genuinely enjoy talking to people.  For many of your customers, the cashier will be the only person they interact with from your business, so it is essential that they make a positive impression.

Interview Questions

How would you define ‘excellent customer service’?

How confident are you in dealing with cash and taking other forms of payments?

Please tell me about any previous experience you have had in a customer facing role

If you knew you were going to be late for your shift, what would your next steps be?

How would you deal with a disruptive coworker who was negatively affecting the morale of other staff?

Have you ever had a disagreement with a manager or  supervisor? If so, how did you resolve the situation in a positive way?

How would you deal with a customer who is trying to combine two offers that cannot be combined?

How would you assist a customer that has a question that you don't have the answer to?

How would you deal with a customer who is frustrated at having waited in line for longer than they thought was acceptable?

Can you tell me of a time that you delivered excellent customer service, above what was expected of you?