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DirectlyApply Reveals Work Benefits Job-seekers Want cover

DirectlyApply Reveals Work Benefits Job-seekers Want

Employers are trying to attract candidates with benefits such as signing bonuses and free gym membership. DirectlyApply reveals work benefits job-seekers want most in the Post-Covid era.


What Job Seeker Data Tells Us About the Proposed $15 Minimum Wage cover

What Job Seeker Data Tells Us About the Proposed $15 Minimum Wage

In his first 100 days, President Joe Biden has been busy. He has thrown his support behind raising the federal minimum wage to $15 from $7.25 — even making that a reality for federal contractors in an executive order.

Dylan Buckley

Why it’s OK to quit your ‘dream job’ even if you worked for it for years cover

Why It’s OK to Quit Your ‘dream Job’ Even If You Worked for It for Years

Even if you spent years of your life and thousands of pounds training for it, giving up on your career shouldn't be shameful.

Laura Abernethy

How to hire candidates post-pandemic cover

How to Hire Candidates Post-pandemic

To point out the obvious—a lot has changed as well. And as the businesses that have suspended hiring look to find great jobseekers, there are a number of things they should bear in mind.

Will Capper

How to treat job seekers in the post-pandemic era cover

How to Treat Job Seekers In the Post-pandemic Era

At a time of economic hardship, job seekers are in an especially precarious position. There are unquestionably fewer jobs available than there were pre-pandemic, making many roles much more competitive than they otherwise would be.

Dylan Buckley

 Leading job discovery platform DirectlyApply launches ‘Apply Later’ feature cover

Leading Job Discovery Platform DirectlyApply Launches ‘Apply Later’ Feature

Leading job discovery platform DirectlyApply has launched a new ‘Apply Later’ feature to boost completed application rates on mobile devices.

Dylan Buckley

‘White collar’ job postings plunge as demand for ‘keyworkers’ rises’ cover

‘White Collar’ Job Postings Plunge As Demand for ‘keyworkers’ Rises’

White collar’ job vacancies have fallen across the UK as COVID-19 spurs demand for ‘key workers'

Will Capper

The sought job perks 2021 revealed cover

The Sought Job Perks 2021 Revealed

From virtual exercise classes to paw-ternity leave: The 8 most sought-after job perks in 2021 revealed as working from home trend creates 'seismic shift'

Angelique Ruzicka

Job Discovery Platform Celebrates Second Birthday After Landmark Year For Growth cover

Job Discovery Platform Celebrates Second Birthday After Landmark Year For Growth

DirectlyApply is celebrating its second birthday after enjoying its most successful year to date. Despite lockdown and the fall in available jobs, DirectlyApply experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months, seeing revenue jump by 1,400%.

Lanna Deamer

Fortune 500 Job Descriptions Are Still Biased Toward Men. That Needs to Change. cover

Fortune 500 Job Descriptions Are Still Biased Toward Men. That Needs to Change.

The stark reality of the Covid-19 crisis. Almost across the board, the pandemic has exacerbated existing gender inequality.

Will Capper

'Phantom roles' may mask the true state of the UK job market cover

'Phantom Roles' May Mask the True State of the UK Job Market

Last month, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) painted a bleak picture of the UK job market with the hospitality and retail sectors being in a particularly bad shape.

Dylan Buckley

Finding a new job cover

Finding a New Job

New year, new job? Here's 10 simple tricks to make yourself more employable and the sectors crying out for more workers

Angelique Ruzicka 

To be truly robust in the face of economic crises, the UK needs to instil a culture of entrepreneurship cover

To Be Truly Robust In the Face of Economic Crises, the UK Needs to Instil a Culture of Entrepreneurship

A report recently published by the London School of Economics disclosed that over a million Britons who were previously self-employed may now quit self-employment, ending a trend in British entrepreneurship that has lasted two decades.

Dylan Buckley

Learn to code, get a job as an engineer? It’s not that simple cover

Learn to Code, Get a Job As an Engineer? It’s Not That Simple

In this guest post, Amy Franz, software engineer at DirectlyApply, talks about her journey into software engineering, and that often touted alternative routes into tech are not as simple as they seem. 

Clare McDonald

The Future Remote Worker cover

The Future Remote Worker

Has your company adapted to remote working? Well, meet Susan - a visual representation of the remote worker in 25 years.

Will Capper

Study Reveals How Fortune 500 Job Descriptions Are Tailored More Towards Men Than Women cover

Study Reveals How Fortune 500 Job Descriptions Are Tailored More Towards Men Than Women

Diversity and inclusion is a topic within the business world that is constantly being addressed and worked upon. As many studies show, there is little equality within boardrooms, equal pay and opportunities for minority communities.

Will Capper

Dream Jobs Abroad cover

Dream Jobs Abroad

With millions of employees across the globe adapting to the shift of remote working, where are the best cities offering the most job opportunities to find your dream career abroad?

Will Capper

The Cost of Happiness in the US and Around the World cover

The Cost of Happiness In the US and Around the World

Study analyzing major cities around the world including US states to reveal the true correlation between happiness and wealth.

Will Capper

These are the best on demand gig jobs of the month cover

These Are the Best on Demand Gig Jobs of the Month

Gig jobs are a great way to earn some extra income or even become your full time income. What are the best ones to apply to? We looked at all the options available and shared our findings with you.

Will Capper

Best Gig Jobs in the US cover

Best Gig Jobs In the US

The rise of gig work has only increased since the coronavirus pandemic hit, with the attraction of setting your own hours each week without the worry of having to book time off.

Will Capper

Improving searchability with job title analysis and multiplexing cover

Improving Searchability with Job Title Analysis and Multiplexing

We analysed millions of jobs to find out how well the job titles match up with what people are actually searching to find that particular job. The results were surprising.

Will Capper