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Posted: 11 October 2020

Author: Will Capper

With millions of employees across the globe adapting to the shift of remote working, where are the best cities offering the most job opportunities to find your dream career abroad?

A new study conducted by DirectlyApply reveals the best European cities for remote jobs that can widen your job search and boost your pay-check whilst still working from the UK. With all of these locations just across the puddle you’re only a short flight away from popping into the office for the occasional meeting or event without breaking the bank.

Take a look at the top 20 cities to remotely apply for jobs to below:

Top 20 Dream Job Locations to Remotely Work in from 2021

Copenhagen Revealed as the Best City to Remotely Job Hunt In, Followed by Luxembourg and Reykjavik!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Whilst Copenhagen might not be the first destination to pop in mind when thinking about that dream job, the city does offer the best chances for remote career potential. With a high percentage of English speakers (86%!) affordable flights for the occasional office visit and an average salary £600 above the typical pay-check in the UK, remotely searching for jobs becomes a lot more attractive.


Following in second, Luxembourg might be one of Europe’s smallest countries, but their pay-checks surely aren’t. With a median payslip of £3,246 and with one in five (21%) companies offering remote positions, it’s a city of grand remote working opportunities.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s capital might not be the cheapest place to go for a quick business trip with average flight prices around £200, you can be sure your future employer and the entire team have excellent English proficiency (80%). As a cherry on top, the monthly income averages a whopping £3,246!

Stockholm, Sweden

Falling just outside the top 3, Stockholm definitely deserves a mention in this list of best cities to land a remote job. For just £80 you can book yourself a return flight which shouldn’t be an issue with the average Swedish salary of £2.495. Another important thing to mention is that 31% (!) of Swedish job opportunities offer fully remote positions.

Top 10 Best Cities to Remotely Work in from 2021

Bern Is the Best City to Remotely Apply to for a Higher Salary

If your main motivation for finding a fresh career path is financial gain, Bern is the place to (virtually) be for you. Working for a Swiss country remotely, offering the highest Average monthly salary in Europe (£4.177), is the perfect way to make a killing without losing the majority of your income to the expensive way of life there. Other plus points are the fact that over half the country speaks English (61%) and nearly 30% of companies offer remote positions.

Stockholm Is the Most Prepared City to Take on International Remote Workers

With an extremely high amount of English speakers, affordable flights and above UK average payslips – Sweden definitely ranks high when it comes to the ideal cities to land a remote job. On average, the country offers a typical pay-check of around £2500 and over 1 in 5 companies allow for remote working.

Top 10 Worst Cities to Remotely Work in from 2021

Budapest, Rome and Madrid Are the Worst Cities to Remotely Job Hunt In for Remote Work

Despite its close time difference (GMT +2) and incredibly cheap flights (£18), Budapest officially ranks as the worst city to find your online dream job. With only 3.4% of companies offering the option to telework and under £700 in average monthly wages, this city has very few benefits making it the worst option for a digital career.

Even though they’re only one hour ahead of us, (GMT +1) both Rome and Madrid have much lower salaries than a UK company would offer — £1.624 and £1.569 respectively — making it infeasible to be employed in these countries whilst living in the UK!

Sources and Methodology

To find out the most ideal target city to land a dream remote job we looked at a variety of metrics that make a country ideal for a teleworking role whilst continuing to live in the United Kingdom. Average salaries were analysed, as well as the percentage of English speakers for each country and the proportion of jobs that are offered as a remote position. In addition to this, we took into account the average prices of a return flight to each capital city and the time difference between said country and the United Kingdom.

This study included all 44 European countries, where the top 25 cities for remote work were highlighted. For the full research on all countries and associated sources, please get in touch.

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