Leading Job Discovery Platform DirectlyApply Launches ‘Apply Later’ Feature

By Dylan Buckley

Leading job discovery platform  DirectlyApply  has launched a new ‘Apply Later’ feature to boost completed application rates on mobile devices.

In a  LinkedIn post , DirectlyApply Co-Founder Dylan Buckley said that of the more than 10,000 jobs applied for on DirectlyApply each day, 70 percent are from mobile devices, but up to 30 percent of applications are not completed in one sitting. Its Apply Later feature allows the 20 to 30 percent of users who begin an application but don’t complete it in a single sitting to do it later. The new feature has already increased conversion rates, the company said. Over half of the users who need to use this service end up completing their application this way.

DirectlyApply sends candidates who don’t complete their application an email from a unique address. Job seekers can reply to the email with their resumé, which is automatically parsed by DirectlyApply. The candidate receives a secure link so they can upload via the web. As soon as the resumé is received, it is sent on to the employer by DirectlyApply.

The job platform has also launched a feature for its U.S. arm called ‘Reminder to Apply’. The feature is aimed at job seekers who find a position when it is not convenient for them to apply, such as when they are in transit. DirectlyApply sends an SMS reminder at a chosen time to the job seeker with a direct link to the job they want.

DirectlyApply says the feature has been running for a few days and 75% of alerts sent have resulted in a completed application.

Dylan Buckley, Co-Founder of DirectlyApply, said: “We noticed that job seekers were finding great roles that they wanted, but either didn’t have the time or were not in a position to fill out the application completely.

“We’ve responded with the ‘Apply Later’ and ‘Reminder to Apply’ features, and we’ve already seen a huge rise in conversion rates.

“We’re determined to help job seekers find the jobs they want and to be able to apply to them easily. These new features make that process much easier.”

Throughout the pandemic, small businesses have been directly posting their jobs on DirectlyApply to find new employees. As the lockdown begins to ease, DirectlyApply aims to help thousands of more companies connect directly with the job seekers, helping them rebuild and grow their businesses.

Despite lockdown and the fall in the number of jobs available, DirectlyApply experienced rapid growth in 2020, seeing revenue jump by 1,400 percent. The platform has introduced more than 30 major features since 8th February, 2020, while jobseeker traffic has risen 2,150 percent from last year.

Among the new features launched in 2020 and early 2021 were a Diversity & Inclusion Checker, which allows both employers and jobseekers to scrutinise job descriptions for unconscious biases, and a Resumé Builder, which lets users build a CV quickly and easily.

DirectlyApply, whose Click-to-Apply rate has also increased to 30 percent, is now looking to add new members to its team so it can build new tools and create new resources to improve the jobseeker experience and, ultimately, help jobseekers find meaningful work.

Other features introduced last year include a Job Application Tracker, Applicant Tracking System, Community Forum and Universal Search.