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Customer Service Representative

When hiring a Customer Service Representative, it's important to remember that not only are they often the first point of contact for your customers, but they are also the public face of your organisation and can therefore make a huge impact on customer loyalty, retention and ultimately, your brand reputation.  So whilst a Customer Service Representative position can sometimes be considered an entry level role, you still need to ensure you are hiring the most suitable person for this very important position.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Customer Service Representative to thrive in their role include being calm under pressure, enjoy dealing with members of the public, can tactfully deal with any complaints, excels at problem solving and is quick to find a successful resolution.

Interview Questions

Please tell me about any previous experience you have had in a customer facing role.

What would you consider to be good customer service?

Can you please provide an example of a time when you had solved a dispute or disagreement between two parties?

Do you enjoy speaking with customers over the phone?

What would you say to a customer when you don't know the answer to the question they have raised?

How would you handle the situation if you knew that the customer was wrong in a particular instance?

How would you handle an irate customer?

Can you provide an example of when you have experienced excellent customer service?

Do you work well under pressure?

Can you provide an example of when you turned a frustrated customer into a happy customer?