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Elementary School Teacher

When hiring an Elementary School Teacher, it is important to remember that whilst this is a job which is both physically and mentally demanding, it is also incredibly rewarding!  Elementary School Teachers are required to teach children across a range of ages and development levels so the ability to adjust their teaching style to suit is incredibly important.  As an Elementary School Teacher there is never a dull moment, and the role requires someone who is constantly attune to the children's needs.  Guiding the educational and emotional development of children as well as ensuring their health and safety is a significant challenge, so making sure you hire the right person for the role is imperative.

The skills and personality traits that enable an Elementary School Teacher to thrive in this role include having a passion for education and teaching, enjoy working with children, a desire to impart knowledge, compassion, empathy, the ability to listen and communicate to a high standard and work well with other members of the teaching faculty.

Interview Questions

What is your educational / teaching philosophy?

What do you feel are the best methods to motivate and encourage children to want to learn and develop?

What is your favourite subject to teach, please explain why?

How do you incorporate modern technology into your teaching methods? 

What do you feel are the best and most effective methods for assessing a child's progress?

What are your processes and procedures for dealing with confidential and sensitive information surrounding children and their families?

What are your preferred methods for dealing with disruptive children?

What steps would you take if you were concerned for the wellbeing of a child?

How do you communicate / build relationships with parents / carers?

How would you encourage parents / carers to become more involved in their children's educational development?