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Front End Developer

When hiring a Front End Developer, it's important to remember that they are responsible for the design and creation of websites and web applications that must be enticing to users, easy to use and navigate and, perhaps most importantly, be focused on ensuring their design allows for successful customer conversions.

Front End Developers are often faced with continual challenges as the tools and techniques that they use to create the front end of a website and / or web application are changing constantly and therefore a Front End Developer needs to always be aware of how the technology they use is evolving.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Front End Developer to thrive in this role include being design orientated, have a strong attention to detail, are creative, enjoys problem solving and troubleshooting, can work with minimal instruction and possess a strong commercial awareness.

Interview Questions

What is your previous experience in web development?

What do you feel are the most important technical skills that are needed to be a front-end developer?

How do you ensure that your web application is accessible and user-friendly?

What are your favorite features of HTML5?

How do you address browser-specific rendering problems? Do you prefer working over a certain type of browser than others?

What are your favourite front end projects that you have worked on?

Can you please name some basic design elements?

Can you show an example of a time when you have utilised user centered design?

Please can you name the fundamental principles of design?

How would you deal with criticism of your design from others?