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When hiring a Janitor, it's important to remember that they are responsible for ensuring that, at all times, your buildings and premises are kept clean and to a high standard of repair.  The condition of the building and common parts can leave a lasting impression on your visitors and members of staff, so it is important that you hire an individual who has a great sense of pride in ensuring that high standards are kept.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Janitor to thrive in this role include being reliable, self-motivated, can safely and successfully conduct their work when around the general public, and possess good attention to detail.

Interview Questions

Describe your experience with making basic repairs and undertaking maintenance to a property?

What is your preferred procedure for cleaning environments such as restrooms, common parts and hazardous areas?

How would you handle a situation where you identified a coworker was violating a safety rule or going against company policy and procedure?

Please run through the steps you would take if you noticed a problem / piece of equipment that required major repairs?

Please describe a situation where you have had a disagreement with a supervisor or manager and how did you resolve this?

What would you do if an urgent situation arose and you were unable to get hold of your manager or supervisor at that exact moment?

What is your process / or schedule for keeping standard tools and equipment in good condition?

How do you cope with having minimal to little supervision when carrying out day to day tasks?

What health & safety methods do you adopt when having to undertake work around members of the general public?

How do you deal with criticism of work you have undertaken?